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Here you can find a list of all my books divided into novels and novellas (short stories) with their pairings next to them. 

m/f = male female relationship
f/f = female female relationship
m/m = male male relationship
m/f/m = menage relationship with female in middle
m/m/f = menage with males into each other too
harem - one person, lots of lovers


The Ranger's Rules - m/f
Muscling In - m/m/f 
Desk Job - m/f/m
A Fighter's Love - m/m/f 
Scored - m/f
The Glass Knot  - m/m/f

Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse - m/f
Thief - m/f
The Silk Tie - m/m/f

Breathe You In - m/f 
Dark Warrior - m/m
Rule Breaker - m/f 
Accelerated Passion - m/f 
Her Dominant Billionaire - m/f
Cold Nights, Hot Bodies - m/f
Shared - m/f/m
Shared Too -m/f/m
Bite Mark - m/f/m
Claw Mark m/m/f
Stockholm Surrender - m/f 
Master Of Her World - m/f - sci-fi
Reckless - mmf - sic-fi
Head of Household - m/f - time travel
Taking Charge - m/f
The Mobster's Girl - m/f
Chains of Command - m/f
The Viking's Captive - m/f
Owned by the Highlanders - m/f/m
Claimed by the Clan Chief - m/f
Darkest Night - paranormal boxed set. Mixture of pairings
Shared by the Vikings - reverse harem
The Duke's Pet - m/f
Hard Lessons - m/f

Reverse Harem Series - available on KU

The Challenge is a complete reverse harem series (one lucky girl, lots of hot guys), available as individual books or a boxed set. Also now available THE BOYS, a spin-off novel told entirely from the men in Olivia's harem's point of view.

More Reverse Harem 

SWAT - reverse harem 
Moon and Back - coming soon
Candy Canes and Coal Dust - coming soon


Hockey Series - available on KU

HOT ICE - each fine as a standalone read. Book #1 HIRED is FREE if you sign up to my newsletter. Complete series Boxed Set now available.


Rock Starz

Mattress Music m/f
Mirror Music m/f
Menage a Music m/f/m

Shifter Series

6 books - m/f, m/m/m, m/mf


One Night in Cape Town m/f
Toy Boy m/f cougar
The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita m/f and m/f/m BDSM
Escape to the Country m/f/m m/m f/f f/m/f…
Orchestrating Manoeuvres m/f/m m/m
Candy Canes and Coal Dust m/f/m/m
Who Dares Wins m/m/m
Stories for When the Sun Goes Down - a collection of my m/f work

Going Up - m/f/f
Heat of the Day - m/m/f 
Spicing it Up - m/f BDSM 
Dessert m/f told from male POV
The Chase - m/m/m
Kangorilla - m/m/m
Dangerous to Know - m/f
Bad Idea - m/m
Cuffed -  m/f/m
At Her Husband's Command - m/f and m/f/m
Take Me - m/f paranormal
X-Rated - m/f
Confession - m/m 
Undercover - m/m 
In Safe Hands - m/f BDSM
Fireworks - m/f

Co-Authored Novels with Natalie Dae

Sexy as Hell Trilogy m/f 
That Filthy Book m/f 
Anything for Him m/f and m/f/m
Good Cop, Bad Cop m/f/m
Kink  m/f

Watching Her - m/f thriller (non-erotic)

Twisted - m/f BDSM

Many more short stories feature in anthologies, you can find out more about these on my website, though a good collection of them are now in the ebook Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, listed above. 

Please note I write full time to pay the bills, please help myself, and other authors, continue to entertain you by purchasing books from reputable sites - thank you x

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