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The Glass Knot facts...

I thought I'd share with you some facts about my m/m/f novel The Glass Knot. It's been one of my most popular books to date, with a whole heap of 5* reviews, and I have to say, I do have a real soft spot for these characters. Here's the gossip...

The Glass Knot is a story that came to me slowly to start with but then as the plot unfolded in my mind, became a whirlwind, a rush of need to get it written down.

If I'm ever having a low day I read the reviews on Amazon for Josh, Nick and Laura's story and it always makes me feel better. They were great characters to hang out with even though their sexy journey was a difficult one. The fact that people enjoyed me telling their tale makes the hard days of being a writer worth it and I thank readers with all my heart for leaving reviews.

Little facts about The Glass Knot...

1. The Glass Knot sat on a Harlequin editor's table for eight months, they wanted to publish it but ultimately didn't think their readers were quite ready for the heavy m/m and m/m/f sex scenes.

2. The village, Little Mickleton, where Josh and Nick live, is a real place that I've been to many times with Mr H.

3. I enjoyed the male sex scenes and the m/m aspect of writing this story so much that it gave me the confidence to write High-Sticked, the fifth book in my Hot Ice series. Unlike my other hockey stories this one is about two men and the problems one of them faces with coming out as a gay athlete. (Due out at Ellora's Cave very soon.)

4. I wrote the majority of The Glass Knot sitting in my back garden. We had a nice run of weather and I set up a parasol, a little table and chair and wrote and wrote and wrote. I had a citronella candle burning at my side to keep away the flies and when the sweetpeas came into bloom, I had a small jug filled to the brim on my desk.

5. Josh's character is based on a man I used to date. His looks, his easy-going ways and his profession. He wasn't gay or bi though like Josh is, he very much liked women!

6. The Peniche Hotel in Marbella, where the theesome meet at the beginning of The Glass Knot, is a fabric of my imagination though I did loosely style it on Don Carlos, a really lovely 5* hotel that Mr H took me to as a treat one weekend a few summers ago.

7. The cover was created by Posh Gosh and I adore the detail at the bottom which shows a hazy Cotswold skyline.

8. I picked cars for Josh and Nick that I hoped reflected their personalities. Nick has a Bentley and Josh a Subaru. Laura has a beaten up old VW Beetle she calls Dumbo. (I had this exact car many moons ago.)

9. This is the one book of mine that Mr H has never read.

10. This is one of my favourite scenes...

Josh was already getting busy. “Oh, yeah, you’re so wet,” he said, sliding the tip of his cock into my entrance.
As always I willed my pussy to relax. His wide glans stretching tight flesh as it rode in was an enticing mixture of pain and pleasure. “Ah, ah, ah…” I panted, gripping his shoulders and drawing my knees up high. I needed to make myself as open as possible.
“Take me,” Josh said breathily. “Take all of me.”
I shut my eyes and relished the sensation of his thick cock riding over my G-spot—the hard, flared head stimulated it just right, bring it to life. As I let out a long, juddering breath he reached maximum depth.
“Oh, yeah,” Josh groaned, locking his arms and staring down at our joined bodies. “That’s so hot to see you taking all of me.”
“Tell me about it,” Nick said from behind Josh. He was between our legs, bending over Josh’s back. I saw his jeans flying off to the side and then heard them landing on the floor. “I had so many images in my head of you two together, but nothing as amazing as this.” He smoothed his hand over Josh’s shoulder.
Josh twisted to kiss him, a real wet tongue affair with lots of appreciative moans.
I’ve died and gone to heaven.
Being penetrated and watching them kiss at the same time was off-the-scale sexy. I tweaked my breasts and ground my clit against Josh. “You two are so fucking sexy when you kiss,” I groaned.
Josh broke his connection with Nick and stared down at me, as though fascinated by my statement.
I thrust my hips up. “So fucking sexy when you kiss,” I repeated breathlessly.
He dropped over me, and chased for my tongue with his. He tasted a little different now, of Nick, a new enticing flavor lacing his.
He began to rock, pulling in and out just a little, rubbing my G-spot and grinding against my clit. Pressure grew; a lovely warm build-up of sensation that would soon have to be released.
Suddenly Josh ceased all movement. He twisted to look at Nick.
“Just relax,” Nick murmured.
“Oh, God,” Josh groaned, his eyes glazing and his jaw hanging slack. “Really, now?”
“What?” I panted, also stilling.
“Yes,” Nick said in a darkly low voice.
“Oh, oh…” Josh groaned. Beneath my palms his arms tensed to rock, but there was a slight tremble in them.
I shifted to peer over Josh’s shoulder. Nick had his head bent, his fingers busy. I didn’t have to see to know he was fingering Josh’s anus.
Nick lifted his head and looked at me. His eyes were on fire with desire, his face alive with want. In that moment he was more handsome than I’d ever seen him. More real and more open than he’d ever allowed himself to be in front of me. “Laura,” he said, near desperation on his face. “I want…”
“Yes,” I said, “Yes, do it.” What could be hotter than both of us fucking Josh? What would make him come harder than that? We both loved him, we both wanted him. We could both have him. At the same time.

Thanks for reading, you can grab your copy of The Glass Knot from Amazon US or Amazon UK and check out all the reviews there too.

Lily x

PS - Another similar story, The Silk Tie, is starting to rumble around my psyche so watch this space!

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