Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Snog - Breathe You In

Welcome to Sunday Snog - here is a sexy moment from halfway through Breathe You In my latest erotic romance that is getting 5* reviews!

“I want you now,” he whispered hotly. “Here.”
We’d made love several times since he’d left hospital, but in bed, at mine, quiet, slow, intense, the same as the first time. I wasn’t complaining, it was wonderful, but this was new, this was middle-­of-‐the-­‐day sex, and damn, I wanted some.
“Yes,” I said, “fuck me.”
He raised his head, stared down at me. A devilish smile curled his lips. “Say that again.”
“What?” I pushed his flopping hair back from his forehead.
“What you just asked me to do.”
Ah, he liked dirty talk. I could do that. “Fuck me, Ruben, fuck me now, make me come, make me scream your name.” 
“Oh, Jesus.” His mouth went slack. “Get naked.” He reached for his top, yanked it off, his face now a picture of urgency.
I did the same with my t-­‐shirt, wriggling on the sofa and then tossing the material aside.
He dipped his head to my chest, tugging at my bra.
“Oi! Get a room!” shouted a deep, bellowing but distanced voice through the window.
We both froze.
“Shit,” Ruben said, screening my body with his. “What the...?”
I looked outside. Not thirty feet from the flat was a huge basket with two men in it. A massive flame burned bright behind them, sending an orange glow over their bodies. They wore flat caps but didn’t look particularly old—one had a black moustache, the other was holding a rope.
“I have got a bloody room,” Ruben shouted. “Bugger off!”
The men laughed, the flame burned brighter, and they started to lift upward.
“Have fun,” the one with the moustache called with a wave.
“We will,” I shouted, managing to wave back as they went from view. Ruben looked down at me. “I’m really sorry about that, I had no idea they’d come so close.”
I swatted his shoulder and grinned. “It was funny, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They thought they were going to see some action.”
“Pervs.” Ruben grinned. “Now, where were we?”
“You were just about to fuck me.”
“Damn, you have such a filthy mouth.”
“And don’t you know it.”
“Not as much as I’d like to.” He unclipped my bra, sat up and squeezed my breasts together, his thumbs toying with my nipples.
I arched into him, adoring the sensation of him touching me and gazing so adoringly at me. “So how about I tell you to get your cock out,” I said, reaching for his waistband. “Get it out and show me what you can do with it.”
“So sweet yet so dirty.” He grinned. “But hang on.” He stood, went to the window and drew the curtains. “Just in case we have any more voyeurs. I don’t want them seeing what I’m about to do with my cock.”
“I like the sound of that.” I licked my lips.
“Do you now?”
He looked tall and hot standing over me and slowly undoing the buttons on his jeans. Long arms and legs, strong fingers, the perfect spread of body hair and an air of absolute determination about him.
“You’d best take your trousers off, or they might get ripped,” he said, nodding at my jeans.
“Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir.”
He rolled his eyes, groaned. “Now you’re just messing with my head, woman.”
I giggled, sat and shoved off my jeans. “I can mess with any bit of you that needs dirtying up.”
“Will this do for starters?” He fisted his cock, moved toward me and slotted one hand in my hair.
Sat on the sofa, I was the perfect height to take him into my mouth.
“As long as I still get the main course,” I said.
“You can count on that.”

I hope that has whet your appetite for more of Katie and Ruben's story, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Lily x

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