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Breathe You In - Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog hosted by fellow Brit Babe Victoria Blisse

My latest release is Breathe You In a super sexy romance set in England. Here is an excerpt that captures Ruben and Katie at a frantic moment...


We fell into our hotel room. Ruben kicked the door shut and dropped the key to the floor. Next thing I knew I was up against the wall, my wrists held above me in just one of his hands. He was staring down at me, his nostrils flaring as he breathed fast.
“Tell me this is it,” he said, palming my left breast through my dress with his free hand.
“Yes, this is it,” I panted.
“You and me?”
“Yes, you and me.”
He smiled, not in his usual sweet way but in a downright predatory way. “And what do you want?”
Excitement and anticipation swirled in my belly. Between my legs I was buzzing for attention. “You, Ruben, fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”
He gritted his teeth, but only briefly because then he caught my mouth in a wild kiss.
I pushed against him as he drove me harder into the wall with his body. There was nothing weak about him. He had me held tight with his chest, belly and legs all taut with muscle and his lust as powerful as any force I’d ever known.
I matched him kiss for kiss, looped my right leg around one of his. Tried to move my arms but couldn’t.
“Like this,” he said, suddenly releasing me and spinning me to face the long mirror next to us. “Bend over. Put your arms out.”
I stooped and pressed my palms onto the cool surface. He yanked my short dress up to my waist and tugged my knickers off. Cool air washed over my bum and legs.
His movements were swift, precise, and within seconds his cock was nudging at my pussy from behind.
Spreading my legs to make his entry easier, I watched in the mirror as he concentrated on his task, his hair flopping forward and his tie hanging loose, tapping against the small of my back.
But he didn’t penetrate me with his cock. Instead, he plunged two fingers into my pussy.
I shunted forward and gasped, the filling as sweet as it was intense.
“So wet for me,” he said, withdrawing and pushing back in, just teasing my G-spot the way he was so damn expert at. “You’re perfect for me.”
I forced myself to continue watching his reflection. He was tall and wide looming behind me, and still wearing his suit it seemed extra sexy, extra forbidden that we’d sneaked away from the celebrations to satisfy our sudden carnal urges.
“I’ll never get enough of you,” he said, fingering me, “or your sexy pussy.”
“Mmm…oh yes…but…” I needed more stimulation so let go of the mirror and searched out my clit.
“Oh, no you don’t,” he said, pushing me away, “that’s my job.” He took over with his free hand, working and rubbing, building me up.
I locked my knees and whimpered a complaint when he removed his fingers but then braced as he pushed his cock into me that first inch.
He gripped my left hip, kept working my clit. “I’m in Heaven when I’m in you,” he said, sinking balls deep and a long low grunt of pleasure erupting from him.
“Me too,” I gasped. “When you’re in me.”
Palms still on the mirror, I took him all, so deep he nudged right up to my cervix. I adored this position, I’d forgotten how much, and being able to see the bliss on his face as he withdrew and plunged back in was sublime.
He held me tight. I was a little unstable, my concentration wavering from my legs to my pussy. An orgasm was blooming. His fingers were wicked, unrelenting, feeding a pressure in my clit that was demanding more, more, more.
“Ruben,” I gasped. “Oh, God.”
I don’t know how I managed to stay on my feet as the coiling wave of bliss unraveled through me. Ruben had me pretty well held at my hips and the mirror supported me a little, but still, I felt like I was crumbling, floating. I bucked for more, jerked away. It was so much and the intensity stole my breath.
My climax crested and rolled, and I opened my eyes again, concentrated on Ruben’s reflection.
“Ah, yeah, squeeze me like that,” he said, releasing my clit and clutching both my hips. “It’s gonna make me come…ah…ah…” He tipped his face to the ceiling, closed his eyes and buried himself to the root. “Fuck, yeah…” He sucked in a deep breath. His tie settled for a second, and his chest expanded beneath his clothes.
His orgasm looked and sounded beautiful, and I knew I’d never get enough of seeing and hearing it. We were meant to be, Ruben and I. We were in perfect synchrony to weave love and time together.

* * * * *

I hope that whet your appetite for Breathe You In available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

It is already getting some great reviews…

“This book is so wonderful I can't even begin to express my feelings about it. Packed full of emotion. The writing is wonderful, the setting so vivid, and the relationship between this couple as it grows is so very real, so, so brilliant.”

"Breathe You In is both sexy and sweet, tragic and hopeful. The level of emotion Ms. Harlem evokes not only from the characters but the reader as well shows a rare gift. In a few short pages, she managed to make me cry, laugh, and yearn for this couple to connect. Breathe You In has become my favorite title by Ms. Harlem to date. As always, I can't wait to see what else she has in store for her readers."

"Lily Harlem really pulls at the heart strings with this unusual set up for a romance. The characters are strong and the emotions gut-wrenching in places. Of course there are scorching hot love scenes, filled with great passion but there is a lot of romance, plot and back story here too. I think it all comes together beautifully to make a cohesive erotic romance that isn’t just about the sex. It’s much, much more than that. This is an interesting set up for a love triangle that you’re just not going to expect and you will soon find yourself engaging with the fabulous characters Lily has created."

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