Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Snog - Slap Shot

Welcome to Sunday Snog, here's a steamy snippet taken from just after Dana has given Rick 'Ramrod' Lewis (captain of the Vipers hockey team) his birthday present - an incredibly sexy pole dance.

It was time to move our game up a level. Stepping down from the stage, I stood before him as he death-gripped the arms of the chair.
“Are you enjoying your birthday present?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.
“Hell, yeah,” he said. “But it’s getting kind of painful.”
I glanced at his groin. There was a definite space issue going on in his jeans.
“So you won’t want any more of this then.” I smiled and threaded my arms behind my neck, lifted my long mane of hair above my head and rolled my hips like a belly dancer, spinning until I’d turned my back on him.
I bent over double, exposing the cleft of my ass and the thong settled deep within it. The pose was so naughty, so cheeky, that blood rushed to my cheeks as I stroked my hands down my shins and shifted my butt left to right, mischievously tempting him because he wasn’t allowed to touch me.
Suddenly big hands curled around my hips and yanked me backward.
“Hey,” I said, quickly slipping from his grasp. “The rules, remember?”
“Fuck the rules.” He got to his feet and tried to grab me again.
I shook my head and stepped out of reach. “Oh no, rules are there for a reason.” I tilted my chin. “Sit down.”
His nostrils flared and his jaw clenched. His chest heaved as he dragged in a breath. But after a moment of indecision, he settled into the plush chair once again. Every muscle in his body looked primed for action.
“That’s it,” I said soothingly, dropping to my knees in front of him. I rested my hands on his thighs and eased his legs apart, glanced at his groin again.
“I’m going to have zip marks imprinted on my dick forever,” he groaned.
“Sounds painful.”
“It’s fucking killing me.”
I smiled. “Sweet way to die though.”
“You reckon?” He shifted on the seat.
I shuffled in between his long, broad thighs and brushed my knuckles over his straining shaft.
He hissed in a breath.
“You want me to help out with your problem?”
“Feel free, any time,” he said in a strangled voice.
Reaching for his fly, I released it. Tugged at the zipper and drew it downward though it needed yanking a little, it was so stretched by the bulging erection beneath. This caused it to jerk, eliciting yet another groan from Rick as his head dropped back on the chair.
“Lift,” I instructed. He did as I asked and I dragged his jeans so they were at his thighs. I pulled in the scent of hot, aroused male and gazed at his thick cock tenting his navy boxers. There was a round drip of moisture near the waistband. I curled my palm around his shaft, feeling him through the soft material. His body tensed and I snatched in a breath as my pussy trembled. He was so damn big.
Lifting back the waistband, I revealed his darkened head and wide slit, pulled the elastic lower and released the shaft. Corded with bulging veins, it bobbed toward me from his tangle of jet-black pubic hair.
Thrilled to be this up close and personal with such a fabulous cock, I dipped the tip of my finger into his slit, spreading the glistening drip of pre-cum over the head.
“Ah, baby,” he whispered. “Even the smallest touch from you makes me want to come instantly.”
I curled my hands around his shaft and slid to the base. Gripping as near to the root as possible, I squeezed, tight, until I could feel his powerful pulse against my palm.
“Ah, fuck.” He groaned and gripped my shoulders. “Didn’t you hear what I just said?”
I looked up at him. “Hands back on the chair,” I ordered.
A muscle flexed in his jaw. I didn’t think he was going to obey but after a moment he death-gripped the chair-arms once more. “Be really fucking careful,” he warned.
Careful, no, careful is for wimps.
I dropped my head and stuck out my tongue, swiped up a new drop of pre-cum balanced in his slit and pressed it to my palate. Finally I fed my hunger for him. His flavor was divine, masculine and spicy. He was the most delicious man I’d ever tasted. There was sweetness to it, an honest sweetness that I didn’t think I would ever get enough of.
Consumed with a sudden impatience, I opened my mouth around the chunky width of his glans and sucked him in. Then, sliding down fast, much faster than I knew he’d expect, I took him until his head hit my throat.
“Ah, Jesus fucking Christ,” he hissed, his hips jerking and his hands threading into my hair. “Ah, Dana, good god, what are you doing to me?”
His tortured pleasure shot sparks of lust to my clit, my breasts and everywhere in between. I allowed his hands to stay in my hair, wanting him touching me, wanting to feel his hands on me. Reaching down, I cupped his balls and rolled their roundness within the loose sac of soft skin they were encased in.
His legs tensed around me and a deeply expelled breath breezed over my naked back. I bobbed up, let him almost slip from my mouth while my other hand rubbed at his shaft, then I dipped back down, deeper this time, the corners of my mouth stretching almost painfully.
“Ah, ah,” he panted as I drew in air through my nose and curved my tongue around his shaft.
I set up a quick tempo of drawing him in then almost releasing him. I didn’t know who this was more of a treat for, him or me. I was having a great time. Delicious darts of pleasure were shooting to my clit, the beginning of my own climb to climax.
Pausing in my swift movements, I held the base of his cock, laved around his glans with the tip of my tongue, scooped into his slit then tickled his sensitive frenulum.
“Wild thing, you’re torturing me,” he groaned, a hand curling around the nape of my neck.
I played for a few minutes more, holding the base of his cock firm and rolling and teasing my way around his head. Then as more pre-cum dribbled from him I opened up and took him right to the very back of my throat again.
“Ah, jeez,” he groaned, the hand on the nape of my neck gripping me.
I began to pump at the base in long, gliding movements, working him up to my mouth then pulling curled fingers down as I treated his head to licks with the flat of my tongue. I repeated this process over and over, absorbing the tiny trembles shivering through his body as I took him in deep then teased him shallow.
Suddenly the pressure on the back of my neck increased and his cock hardened to granite. “Be really fucking careful or you’re going to get it,” he warned in a choked voice.
I wanted it, I wanted it all so I upped the pace, intensified the grip of my fingers and my mouth.
He jerked his hips upward and his cock rammed into the back of my throat and lodged there. He groaned loud and abandoned. I beat down my gag reflex, dragged in thin slivers of air through my nose and sucked...hard. Really hard.
He cried out a string of curses that ended in, “Holy shit.” The grip on my neck increased as his cock pulsed in my mouth and a shot of rich semen flooded my tongue. His legs tensed around me so tight I feared for my ribs. I was trapped, impaled upon him. I was loving every single one of his reactions to me.
“Oh my god,” he groaned as more salty liquid spilled from his convulsing shaft. His whole body trembled around me and I swallowed fast, drank him up. Sucking mercilessly, I drained every last drop of pleasure from him. My pussy was contracting, throbbing around nothing. I could orgasm just from doing this to him, I was so near, I was so close.
Eventually his cock stilled and I let him slip from my mouth and glanced up. His head was tipped back, his mouth parted in a slack, sated way and his eyes were shut. Touching my lips to the coarse hair running to his navel, I began to slowly kiss my way up his bricked abs, shoving at his T-shirt as I went and delighting in the flavors and textures of his skin. When I reached his nipples his chest was still rising and falling rapidly. I swirled my tongue around the dark beads and they hardened and rolled.
“Lose this,” I said, my hands still in his T-shirt and my mouth now on his neck.
He opened his eyes and with one swift movement peeled it over his head and discarded it on the floor.
Finally coming face level, I rested my body against his and smiled at his glazed expression. Wiry chest hair tickled against my breasts and his softening cock lodged at my belly. I fed him a hot, open-mouthed kiss, exploring and delving deep into his mouth. He gave back as good as he got, his tongue eager, his rough-textured hands tracing the outlines of my body.
“It’s never, ever felt that intense,” he said, pulling back slightly. “That was awesome, Dana.”
I smiled and kissed his jawline right around to his ear. “Happy birthday,” I murmured.
He pushed slightly at my hips. “Get back up on the stage.”
I raised my eyebrows, surprised. I thought it would get carnal down here, on the chair.
“Stage,” he said again.

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  1. Whoo! Hot indeed!

    Very very nice, Lily. Well, maybe not exactly "nice".

    Love this line, too:

    "I glanced at his groin. There was a definite space issue going on in his jeans."