Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Breathe You In gets great review!

The Romance Reviews has given Breathe You In a glowing review...

BREATHE YOU IN is a story about being given a second chance at love, through unusual circumstances, when all hope seems lost. 

Katie has been in a deep depression for almost two years since her husband, and love of her life, died in a tragic accident. Despite everyone around her feeling like she should be done grieving, she can't seem to move past the emptiness she feels without her soul mate. In an effort to seek further closure, Katie hires a private investigator to find the recipient of her late husband's heart and lungs. Katie feels she needs to know that her husband's death resulted in something good and wants to see if the person with his heart is healthy and thriving. 

What Katie doesn't expect is the instant and dramatic connection she feels when she sees Reuben, the man who is alive because of her husband's death. For reasons Katie can't understand, Reuben is able to make her smile and look to the future for the first time since she lost her husband. Katie realizes she can't let go of the connection, but worries about her dishonesty with Reuben regarding what brought them together.

This story was emotional in so many ways. The author did a great job of expressing and making me feel the sadness, the love, the optimism, the confusion, and the fear that was being experienced by these characters. I enjoyed the development of Katie and Reuben's relationship and that Katie was constantly questioning her motives and her feelings. 

Katie did not want to allow her attraction to Reuben to be about the fact that he held a piece of her dead husband and so she constantly evaluated her feelings and where they were truly coming from. And from the reader's point of view it was obvious that Katie's feelings were genuine. It was difficult watching the relationship develop knowing there was a huge and dramatic secret being kept by Katie that would result in a major conflict. 

The author did a splendid job with the expression of Reuben's emotions as well, and that made the conclusion of the story honest and truly a joy to read.


  1. Whoo! Don't you love when reviewers get it!

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