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Breathe You In Reviews #reviews

Two more great reviews for Breathe You In. I'm so happy that this book is working for readers. It's a story born from loss but it's about falling in love in unusual circumstances and it's sexy and passionate and shows all the raw emotions of the two main characters as they become acquainted mind, body and soul.

Here is what reviewer Brynna Curry said...

Review:  Katie Lansdale is sifting through the pieces of her shattered life. Eighteen months earlier, a construction accident claimed the life of her beloved husband Matt. He was her whole world; every part of her life centered around being Matt's wife. Now, she is an emotional and physical wreck. She's lost weight. Her friends try to help by pushing her to go after life again, but she just can't let Matt go. Katie's grief is a tangible, palpable thing and it ripped my heart out from the beginning of this beautiful story of loss and finding love again.

After the accident, Katie chose to donate Matt's organs. Almost a little mad with grief, she becomes obsessed with the need to know who received Matt's heart and lungs. She needs to see the recipient healthy and thriving, to know that the heart that loved her so much still beats. This might have been a little odd for some readers, but showing the depth of Katie's grief made her initial actions acceptable in my eyes. People do odd things when they are grieving. She only wants a peek at the man from afar. It seems harmless, until she bumps into Ruben Strong in the museum where he works and falls in love.

Ruben was a real live wire. A Formula One mechanic, he lived his life in the fast lane of racing. Fast cars and faster women were his thing. And then, his heart starting fading away. After his heart transplant, he's slowed down, works at a museum and lives a quite careful life. He and Katie click immediately. He doesn't know that she is the donor's widow. This makes for a strong conflict between the pair. Ruben is a broken hero, broken but still whole. He needs to feel alive again and Katie does that for him. 

Any more and I'd be giving away the story. Breathe You In is both sexy and sweet, tragic and hopeful. The level of emotion Ms. Harlem evokes not only from the characters but the reader as well shows a rare gift. In a few short pages, she managed to make me cry, laugh, and yearn for this couple to connect. Breathe You In has become my favorite title by Ms. Harlem to date. As always, I can't wait to see what else she has in store for her readers.

And here is what Victoria Blisse said...

Lily Harlem really pulls at the heart strings with this unusual set up for a romance. The characters are strong and the emotions gut-wrenching in places. Of course there are scorching hot love scenes, filled with great passion but there is a lot of romance, plot and back story here too. I think it all comes together beautifully to make a cohesive erotic romance that isn’t just about the sex. It’s much, much more than that. This is an interesting set up for a love triangle that you’re just not going to expect and you will soon find yourself engaging with the fabulous characters Lily has created. You’ll never look at peacocks in the same way again!No peacocks were harmed in the writing of this book though, I’ve been assured of that!

As always, a million thanks to readers who take the time to put down their thoughts after enjoying one of my books. It makes it all feel worthwhile.

Lily x

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