Friday, 26 January 2018

Great 5* Review for STOWAWAYS

I'm thrilled to have a first industry review in for STOWAWAYS Book Four of my popular reverse harem series THE CHALLENGE - and it's 5*!

Back Cover Information

When tensions soar in Africa, Olivia has to rise to the new set of challenges she faces. Having six husbands to keep happy and satisfied was never going to be easy, and soon she finds herself caught in the middle of a whirlwind of uncertainty and a cyclone of illicit desires.

Throw in dangerous creatures, someone who just won’t conform to his new role, and a volatile relationship within her harem, and she knows she’s playing with fire. The last thing she wants is to get burned, or for her dreams to turn to ash.

And with new charges on the horizon, a watery horizon, how will she face the future? A future that’s going to drop her into the real world where she’ll have her unconventional relationships scrutinized. But does she care about other peoples’ opinions? What are her priorities? And can they really stowaway and not get caught?  

STOWAWAYS is a reverse harem romance novel intended for mature readers. Check out the other three books in THE CHALLENGE series; CASTAWAYS, TEARAWAYS, and RUNAWAYS all best read in order. Coming soon and available to pre-order, BREAKAWAYS.

REVIEW (read the full review on the WHY CHOOSE blog)

"This book, like the other two, was full of action, adventure and some super hot sexy moments.  Really stepping up the sexy moments!! This book brings about some heartache too. I can't say I'm in shock at the turn of events but my heart does hurt for Olivia. But....I think we have a little surprise coming in book 5!!! That's just my take on it but I feel like there were some hints dropped along the way that were pretty hard to ignore. I hope I'm right anyway. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out in Breakaways."

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