Monday, 31 July 2017

Sydney Presley

I'm a big fan of Sydney Presley's hot MM romances, they're full of intrigue and the plots twist and turn. Don't miss the two newest releases, THE ADVISOR and SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION (both on Kindle Unlimited).

Back Cover Information

Whilst investigating the death of a local hairdresser, Supernatural Intervention Officer Jeff MacDonald discovers information about a supernaturally cursed hawk. If anyone makes direct eye contact with the bird of prey, he or she has exactly twenty-nine days left to live—and will then suffer a supernatural death, whatever that is. The dead hairdresser appears to be an ordinary corpse, but when photographed, she looks shrunken—old and withered. Then something appears from nowhere on her person, and Jeff knows he has to find that hawk as soon as possible to stop this madness happening to anyone else.

But in a bizarre twist of fate, the hawk seeks Jeff out. A collage of images flash into his mind, including one of a hooded old woman ranting about a drinking well located in a derelict place. What the hell is going on?

Martin Walker, Jeff’s partner inside and outside of work, is by Jeff’s side, as always. The same visions flash before his eyes, and together, Jeff and Martin join the queue for a supernatural death. But while their twenty-nine days start ticking by, they pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the witch who had cast the spell over the hawk. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up? Or will the witch who created it win her bid to kill whomever she wishes?

Back Cover Information

Edwin has loved Stuart their whole life. They’ve grown up in the pack together, and Edwin wants their friendship to go further. The trouble is, the pair of them have been dancing around the subject, neither of them admitting how they really feel. And maybe Edwin ought not to say anything now—now he’s working for a man who deals drugs on the side of his normal, legitimate business. Edwin was employed to be an adviser, nothing more, but then a dead body turns up and changes everything.

Edwin’s convinced Stuart won’t want anything to do with him once he realises what he’s mixed up in. Stuart never lies, but Edwin’s told a thousand or more. He’s had to, otherwise his boss will have something to say about it.

When Edwin finds himself helping to dispose of the dead body, his world gets a whole lot worse. He’s got no one to turn to, and he’s frightened he’ll be arrested and sent to prison. He goes for a run, and someone follows him. Someone he confesses everything to. It’s only then Edwin can begin to right the wrongs he’s done. And only then he can allow himself to open up to loving—and being loved.

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