Wednesday, 26 July 2017

#MidWeekTease FINDING YOU #GBLT #pnr #newrelease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, it's great to have you here. This week a tease from my  newest release FINDING YOU, which is book #2 in my REDWOOD SHIFTERS series.

Wandering to the bathroom, as if lured by the thought of Pedro naked, Aleco shucked off his jeans.
His cock sprang forward. Fully hard now.
Why the hell was he thinking about sex at a time like this? It was one of the worst moments of his life. His world was shattered.
Yet the thought of a good hard fuck, releasing some tension, seemed like a damn good idea. Perhaps he’d be able to think straight afterward.
Pedro was in the shower, his face held up to the water. His body glistened, a stream running down the groove of his spine and slipping between the crack in his buttocks.
Steam swirled around Aleco as he stepped in behind him. Pedro startled for a moment.
“Hey.” Aleco wound his arms around him.
“What are you doing?” Pedro asked.
“I’m going to fuck you.”
Pedro didn’t answer.
“Bend over,” Aleco said. “Now.”
Pedro placed his palms on the tiles and tipped, offering Aleco his ass.
Aleco reached for the soap and lathered his hands. He then coated his cock in the moisturizing lather.
“But Julie, I...” Pedro said. “Should we...?”
“I want to fuck you.” Aleco fingered Pedro’s asshole. “Don’t you want me to?”
“I always want you to fuck me. I love you.”
Aleco slipped in, knuckle deep. “Good.”

Each book in the REDWOOD SHIFTERS series (a combination of MM, MMM and MMF) is fine as a standalone read. But if you missed book #1, RUN AWAY WITH ME, grab it here. Book #3, OUR SECRET, is also available for pre-order from the publisher.