Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mid Week Tease - GRAND SLAM #wimbledon #BDSM #romance

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week a few from hot BDSM romance GRAND SLAM to get us in the mood for Wimbledon.

The splashing of a shower filtered toward me, the noise irregular as a body moved beneath the streams of water. Moistness hit my skin and nose, steam from someone taking a long, hot soak, probably pounding tired muscles with powerful jets.
Orienting myself to the changing rooms, I stepped around the aisle of lockers, past a row of sinks with a large round mirror above and toward the showers.
Something in me froze. It wasn’t my heart, for that would have been the end. But something did.
I felt as though I was going to fall backward so shot out my hand and touched the lip of the unit holding the sinks. Steadied my weak knees.
In the shower, in the female changing room, was a man. Naked, toned, dark-haired and delicious. He stood with his back to me, his head and neck lowered and his palms pressed to the tiles as his shoulders took a thrashing from the heavy downward spray.
His butt was a fraction paler than the rest of his sun-kissed skin. Pert and small, perhaps clenched too, judging by the dents in the outer edges.
I knew I should go. Get the hell out of there. But what was a guy doing in the female changing room? Indignation and surprise kept my feet stuck, as though they were lead weights anchored to the floor.
Suddenly he straightened, turned and gave me a full frontal view.
His eyes were shut and that was my undoing. Because that exquisite moment of seeing Travis Connolly, unguarded and in all his naked, dark-haired, tight-muscled glory, was not something any red-blooded woman could turn away from.
He shoved both of his hands through his hair, flattening it over his head, and then stared straight at me.


  1. Phew, what a yummy sight for her! :-)

  2. I felt I was right there with her. Great snippet!

    Ps. I don't know why but when I click your link from the mid-weak tease page it won't let me access your page. I had to go to your homepage and go from there.