Friday, 21 July 2017

Saturday Spankings - The Ranger's Rules #SatSpanks #BDSM #erotic #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I'm very excited this week as I have a hot new spanking novel to tell you all about. The Ranger's Rules is a steamy story set in South Africa and features spankings galore.

Back Cover Information

When she arrives at a remote game reserve in South Africa to work on her next project, wildlife photographer Casey Summers is more than a little annoyed that the only ranger available to escort her during her visit is gruff, ruggedly sexy Rhett Dawson. More irritating still, she is informed that for her own safety she will be required to stay with Rhett at his lodge.

Matters soon come to a head when Casey disregards one of Rhett's rules and endangers herself in a risky attempt to get the best possible photograph, and before she knows it she finds herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking. When her reckless behavior continues, Casey quickly discovers that Rhett is more than ready to bare her bottom and punish her even more thoroughly.

Though being chastised in such a humiliating fashion infuriates Casey, she cannot deny her body's reaction to Rhett's stern dominance, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her what it means to be properly claimed and mastered she is left utterly spent and satisfied. But when a vicious band of poachers puts Casey's life in danger, will Rhett be able to protect her?

Publisher's Note: The Ranger's Rules contains spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

“I thought you said you knew the rules?” he said in a voice so gruff it was almost a growl.
“The rules?”
He took the four steps up to the veranda in two paces. She struggled to keep up with him.
“The rules of being out on the reserve.”
“I do. And get off me.”
“No.” He sat on his usual seat, knees bent, back straight, his fingers still wrapped around her wrist.
“I demand that you do.” She yanked her arm but to no avail.
“When you’re in the Jeep, you’re safe.” With his free hand he removed his hat and tossed it to one side. It landed on the floor creating a puff of dust. “The animals don’t associate the vehicle with humans, just with scary noise and stinking diesel fumes. The moment you step out you’re prey.”
“Well, I was only out for a moment and—”
“A moment is all it takes for attack. Have you any fucking idea how many big cats out there would eat you for brunch?”
“And it’s not their fault, they gotta eat. But I don’t want to have to explain to Dan why I had to shoot one of them to save some dumb ass English photographer who couldn’t keep her butt in the Jeep. You only, I repeat only, leave the safety of the vehicle when you’ve been given permission from a ranger. Basic damn rules of the land, lady.”
Casey opened her mouth to speak then closed it again. He had a point but even so, he was overreacting. “Well, I’ll know for next time.”
“Too damn right you will.” He pulled her arm harder, dragging her so close her legs touched his.
“What are you doing?”
“Making sure you remember to do as you’re damn well told while I’m responsible for you.” He released her wrist, but before Casey could register the fact or step away his arms were around her torso. Suddenly her world tipped upside down and she found her belly pressing into his lap and her expensive camera dangling toward the deck.
He scooted her closer to his body and pressed his palm between her shoulder blades. “Keep still.” He brought his hand down on her right buttock. A real hard spank that sent shockwaves of sting over her flesh.
“Ouch!” She jerked forward, grabbing her swinging camera as she did so. “What the...”
Another slap, the opposite cheek this time and just as firm. Her thin trousers offered her no protection and she cried out and kicked her heels up.
“Don’t struggle, you’ll get more.”
“More, this is too much...” Anger raged within her. “How fucking dare you.”
“You will do as instructed while in my care.” He slapped again, several times over. His aim was deadly accurate, layering up the pain in the same place each time.
Casey felt her eyes moisten. She struggled to get free but it was no good, he had her pinned tight. Plus she didn’t dare let go of her camera for fear it would break. On and on the slaps came.
When will this end?
The humiliation sent a wave of heat through her. Her face burned, and she bit her lip. No one had ever treated her this way. “Let go of me, damn it,” she said breathlessly.
Suddenly she found herself upright, her vision was out of focus but her feet back on the deck.
Rhett sat back in the chair and after straightening his shades, folded his arms and surveyed her.
“How fucking dare you,” she said, her mouth dry and her throat tight. “You can’t just spank women for not following your stupid rules.”
“Clearly I can, and they’re not stupid rules, they’re for your own protection.” 


  1. You can't say this wasn't justified. She truly put her life in danger.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing as PK. Talk about just cause. Problem is, I think he just ticked her off.