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Muscling In by Lily Harlem #excerpt #erotic #menage #newrelease #romance @8britbabes @evernightpublishing

Here's a steamy excerpt from Muscling In - will Sian get what she wants from the two sexy men she has ready and willing?

He sat and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. “I want him, but I want you too, more than ever. Do you understand that? You accepting me, so completely, my needs, my desires, it’s off the scale sexy.”
I nodded. “I get it.”
“Good, but so we’re clear nothing and no one will ever replace you, or my love for you.” He cupped my breast through my sheer gown. “I’ll always want you with everything that I am. You’re my soul mate.”
“But he is too.”
“Ed is...back on the scene. Can we not label him?”
“Fine by me.” I swept my lips over his.
The tap in the en-suite turned off and I reached for a bowl of pasta. “Naked dinner,” I said, handing Coben a bowl. “Lots of firsts tonight.”
“I’m not complaining.” Ed walked back into the room, his cock bobbing in front of him.
He was so at ease with his nakedness around us, I got that he and Coben had been naked together in the past, but we were new, we hadn’t even...
“Here,” I said, averting my eyes from his impressive member.
“Cheers.” He took the meal that had a fork sticking out of it, sat on the edge of the bed, then began to tuck in.
“This is good,” Coben said between mouthfuls.
“Well it’s only just thrown together.”
“It’s bloody delicious.” Ed gave me an approving look.
“Nothing better than homemade food created by a pretty woman.” His mouth stretched into a smile.
Damn the man was a heartbreaker. How could one person be so fucking tough, so amazingly sexy and also such a charmer? He had sin in his eyes yet he carried it in such a way that breaking the rules seemed like the best option—the most appealing path to take.
I could see why Coben had been so enraptured all that time ago. And why he was again now Ed had strutted back into his life like a whirlwind of deliciously bad ideas.
“I’m glad you approve of the meal.” I started on my own dinner.
“I more than approve.” Ed swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, catching a speck of cream. “And not just the food.”
For a moment we were quiet, just eating. Then Coben set his bowl aside. He’d eaten so quickly, almost inhaled it. He rested back on the pillow and took his cock in his hand, began to lazily masturbate as Ed and I ate.
Sexual tension simmered in the air. I was eating but barely tasting. What I really wanted was the flavor of man in my mouth, the sensation of male bodies around me, in me.
I finished my pasta. I didn’t want it all. I stood, set my bowl on the tray on the floor, then reached for the knot on my gown.
Both men were watching me.
Slowly, so slowly, I undid the knot, letting the silk slide against itself. The soft brush of the material was the only sound for a moment. The gown fell open and I let it slip from my shoulders so I too was naked.
Coben let out a low whistle. “Mmm, dessert.” He held out his hand.
I took it and crawled onto the bed next to him, aware of my breasts swaying.
“Good idea.” Ed abandoned his dinner and moved onto his knees on the mattress.
Coben scooped me close, chest-to-chest, and set a kiss on my lips that tasted of the pasta he’d just eaten. His cock butted against my thigh and I spread my legs, wanting him to find my entrance and ease in.
Suddenly he tipped me, and I landed on my back, his big body pressing over mine.
Ed’s was next to him. They were both smiling down at me.
“Oh, we’ve got ourselves a hot one,” Ed said, touching his lips to my cheek.
I turned my head for more. I wanted him on my mouth, his tongue, his stubbled chin grating on mine. But he’d moved and was peppering kisses on Coben’s neck.
“I want to make you come, babe,” Coben said to me, his eyes full of desire. “With my cock.”
“Yes.” Again I spread my legs.
His tip prodded my pussy and I gripped his shoulders, pulled him closer.
“Mmm,” he moaned, easing in the first few inches. I held my breath, enjoying the stretching sensation.
“Yeah, you fuck your wife, Cobe.” Ed skimmed his touch over my hands, then lower down Coben’s back. “And I’ll fuck you at the same time.”
“What?” I gasped.
“Oh, God,” Coben groaned.
Ed laughed, but it was strained and tense. “Yeah, our own special threesome.”
Coben shoved his hips forward, hitting full depth.
I shut my eyes. The feeling of him buried so deep was dense.
It filled me, consumed me.
He found my mouth, kissed me. His breaths were coming hard and fast. Was he excited? Anxious?
I just wanted to feel it all, experience everything. I’d thought if the men fucked I’d be watching, but this, I’d be in the erotic moment with them. I’d see it, feel it, be in it too.
“Where’s that lube gone?” Ed asked, the mattress shifting. He fumbled on the dresser. “Got it.”
Coben broke our kiss and glanced over his shoulder. “Ed?” “What?”
Ed was on his knees, adding clear gel to his fingers.
“Just be...”
“Yeah, I know, she’s delicate. It’s okay, I’m not a total Neanderthal.” He tossed the lube aside. His hands disappeared from my view and he bent his head as though concentrating on what he was doing.
Coben hissed in a breath and returned his attention to me. “Is he touching you?” I asked.
“Ah, fuck, yeah.”
“Your ass?”
“Where else...ahh...” he moaned. “Jesus.”
“You’re going to have to loosen up, man,” Ed said. “If you’re going to take my dick without screaming down the neighborhood.”
“I thought he was touching you there when I was downstairs?” I rubbed Coben’s shoulders soothingly.
“Yeah, but then I wasn’t in you, and now I just want to...fuck, I’m ready to go.”
“Relax,” Ed said again. “There’s no rush.”
Coben fluttered his eyes shut. He pulled almost out of me, then rode back in. “That’s what you think. My cum is burning me up inside.”
He dropped lower and his chest scratched my breasts, rubbing my taut nipples. My clit absorbed the deep pressure his body had applied. “Ohh...” I held him tighter and shifted my legs. Normally I’d wrap them around his hips at this point but my right leg caught on Ed.
“That’s it...” Ed said, resting his hand on my thigh. “Keep like that...”
A tremble ran down Coben’s back. I smoothed it away and again met with Ed, my fingers running over his as he held Coben’s ass cheeks wide.
I dipped lower, intrigued, and bumped into Ed’s knuckles. He was deep inside Coben, stimulating him, preparing him. “Oh God, Coben.”
“I need it.” Coben gasped. “Now, Ed...”

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