Monday, 23 November 2015

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Loving the sexy prompt which made me think of my new release Rule Breaker.

Miller has just served ten years in prison which is where he and Lacey met (she's a prison nurse) and now that he's out it's time to let all that pent up passion unleash. He's a bit out of practice though and only 19 years old when he was locked up, so she's having to give him a little guidance when it comes to the art of cunnilingus.


Miller kissed me, but only for a few seconds, then he trailed his lips down my neck to my breasts. He made short work of removing my bra and set to lavishing attention on my nipples, using his hands and his mouth to bring them to tight peaks.
I scraped my fingers over his hair and tugged his mouth closer as I pressed into him. The hot, wet suction and flicking tongue had my pussy so damp it was like an electric pathway from my nipples to my clit.
“Mmm...nice,” I moaned.
“I’ve wanted this for so long,” he said against my skin. “I can’t believe it’s real. That we’re here, together.”
“It’s real,” I said, scraping my nails down the nape of his neck to his shoulders. “Can’t you feel me?”
“Yes, every bit of you.” He inched downward, kissing his way past my abdomen to my knickers. He touched his lips over satin and against my mound, kissed me there, long and hard.
I reached behind myself, grabbed hold of the slats in the headboard and arched my back. Fuck. This was so much. Fantasy and reality were becoming one.
“We need these off,” he said, furling the waistband of my underwear over itself.
I raised my hips and helped him remove the last of my clothing. Then I let my knees flop open and watched as he settled between them. Desire sank to my groin and throbbed there as I stared at his wide body getting comfortable, filling my bed just the way I’d known he would.
I adored his thick shoulders, and from this angle could study the tattoo that dominated the right one.
“Damn, I’ve missed pussy,” he said, eyes closed and breathing deeply. “I may be some time down here.”
“Take as long as you need,” I murmured. “Oh...ow...” I shifted and brought up my knees.
He’d swiped his tongue over my sensitive clit.
He did it again then up, down, sideways, back again. It was a hard, sharp movement. “Oh, fuck...” I said, darting my hand down to protect myself. “Less is more.”
He glanced up at me.
Our eyes connected.
“Don’t whip it,” I said, “treat it like it’s delicate. Press, just above it.” I moved my hand and cupped his cheek. “It’s okay. Do it.”
He looked at my pussy again and poked out his tongue. This time he applied firm pressure with the flat just above my clit, right where I liked it.
“Mmm...yeah,” I said, gripping the headboard again. “That’s it, just there. More, with that part of your tongue, not the tip.” I had no qualms about giving instructions. I’d been telling Shay what to do and where for years. “Push inside me with your fingers. Feel how wet I am for you.”
He kind of groaned.
I breathed in the scent of my fragrant heat.
He stroked through my ridges and hidden folds.
Goosebumps sprang up on my skin.
Then he spread me apart and entered me with two fingers right up to his knuckles.
I pushed down onto him. A mewling sound escaped my lips. It was bliss-laced frustration. My body needed more—more filling, more pressure, more of everything.
He stroked his fingers around inside me and I ached for something thicker, more solid. “Give me it all,” I said. “Three fingers, your tongue...your cock.”
My cunt was stretched wide as he penetrated me with three thick fingers. “Ah...yeah...” I said, squeezing my eyes shut and panting through the dense, deep sensation. “Fuck yeah...”
He curled his fingers and found my G-spot.
I bucked toward him. “God, you’ve found it, yes...just there...rub me...”
He did.
The fretting pressure around my clit increased too. My climax was building.
“Miller...” I gasped, tossing my head left then right. Brilliant bright lights were flashing behind my eyelids.
My legs tensed and trembled, my inner thighs locking him to me.
Still he carried on, working me inside and out.
“Yes, yes...I’m coming.” I gasped.
The muscles in my belly contracted, bunching me forward. I released the headboard and gripped his head.
He didn’t appear to notice, instead stayed with me as I rode his mouth and his fingers and claimed a fast, steel-hard orgasm that stole my breath and made my heart thud violently. My pulse, loud in my ears, was drowned out by my cries of delight. Climactic waves seized me, holding me hostage to bliss. Still I bucked for more, thrust myself onto him.
I’d come so hard, spasms were still contracting around his fingers.
“Oh, God, please, it’s so much...” I pulled at his head, my left hand curled around his ear.
He lifted and stared at me.
My vision was a little hazed but I could see his cheeks were red and his mouth and chin shiny with my juice.
“That was fucking amazing,” he said, continuing to fuck me with his fingers and creating soft, wet noises.
“ it.” I released his head and gripped the sheet, continued to take his fingers into my pussy as the last thuds of my orgasm played out.
He ducked his head and kissed my mound, my clit, the damp folds of my labia. “I told you I may be some time down here,” he said, nipping my inner thigh with his teeth then kissing the sore spot.
“Mmm...stay as long as you want.” I widened my legs, feeling free, wanton, adored. I wanted Miller to have all of me, as much of my pussy as he could handle. Damn, the bloke deserved it after all of this time.

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  1. Oh yeah!
    Lily - he's HAWT :)
    That was HAWT!
    X x x

  2.! That made me wish for a little oral sex all my own right now. Damn.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read/comment on my post :) I adored dreaming up Miller, bad boys hit the spot!