Saturday, 18 July 2015

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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week I have a FREEBIE for you! Enjoy this sexy little excerpt from In Expert Hands then grab yourself the whole book from Amazon.

She glanced at the screen on her phone.
Message from Master
“Message from Master?” she whispered. “What the...?”
She hit open.
My darling Imogen. I hope you are having a nice day. As I predicted, I miss you.
It was Kane, obviously. But when had he put his personal cell number in her phone?
Hello KaneWhen did you get your hands on my phone?
When you were sleeping last night. And you forgot Sir in your text.
I’m not wearing the collar. That means you’re Kane. She hit send and stared out of an arched window at the busy Manhattan street that led into the distance.
Maybe one day you’ll wear the collar permanently.
She re-read the text. That was a pretty heavy thing to suggest. It seemed almost like marriage but with a twist. She put the phone in her bag and pulled out a bottle of water, took a sip.
A few minutes later she got another message. She put the lid back on her water and took out the phone again.
Where are you?
At the library and you nearly got me thrown out. I forgot to switch to silent. If looks could kill I’d be dead.
Silly girl. Would you like me to hire the place? So you can have it to yourself?
I don’t think that will be necessary. Where are you?
In a meeting with a sheik, an ambassador, and eight company directors.
And you’re texting?
They’re talking amongst themselves.
She smiled. He was bad, but she loved that he was sitting in a boardroom thinking of her, texting her.
Last night was amazing. She grinned as she hit send.
I agree.
She hesitated then, I’ve never come so hard. You took my breath away.
I’m glad to hear it.
My ass is still sore. I’m sitting down now. I can feel the paddle on my skin.
What did I look like to you, when I was on the cross?
Is that all?
Sexy, vulnerable, beautiful...mine.
Yes, all mine.

Here are the links - if you grab a free copy and enjoy Imogen and Kane's story please be sweet and leave a review and tell all of your friends...

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In Expert Hands also has a spin-off short story, In Safe Hands which features Taylor Ward. Find it in the Brit Babes Anthology Sexy Just Got Rich along with many more erotic novellas that are sure to delight you!

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