Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mid Week Tease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, this week a snippet from Grand Slam as tennis fever is taking over the UK. Wimbledon is well underway which means an abundance of sexy tennis players strutting their stuff on court - oh yeah!

I wrote Grand Slam with Lucy Felthouse and we had a blast creating a dominant tennis player who liked to win on court and in the bedroom. Meet Travis Connolly...

“And has the fracture site been giving you any pain while you’ve been at Los Carlos?”
He cocked his eyebrows. “What has that got to do with my mental state and all this psychobabble of yours?”
God, it was like drawing blood from a stone. I was certainly earning my money here. “Pain affects the body, yes, but also the mind. I’m just wondering if you’re still suffering any twinges.”
“And if you were you’d tell your doctor?”
“Good, because all pain is bad for your psychological health as well as your physical.” I crossed my ankles and tapped my heel on the wooden floor.
He looked at my feet. “Do you really think so?”
“Think what?”
“That all pain is bad?”
“Yes, it’s the body’s warning system to let you know something is wrong.”
“Or right,” he said quietly, his lips barely moving, his attention rising from my feet to my face.
“I’m not following you.”
He sat and swung his feet to the floor. Rubbed his hand down his cheek and around his chin; the stubble made a rasping sound against his palm.
“Travis?” I said, closing the notebook and hoping that would send a signal that whatever he wanted to tell me would be off the record. Was he still suffering when he was training? Had he not healed properly? If so that was something we needed to take very seriously.
He stared at me, almost as if he was angry that I’d made him think of something, then stood, walked to the window and surveyed L.A.
I couldn’t help but ogle his cute behind. I knew what his arse looked like naked, but bloody hell, he could fill out a pair of jeans to perfection. His tennis gear looked amazing on him but jeans, especially a pair that suggested he’d spent many an hour lounging in them, were enough to actually make my mouth water.
He placed his hands on his hips, kept his back to me. “Come here, Marie.”
“Why?” I looked at the back of his head, how his dark hair sat like silken fingers on his collar.
“Do as I ask.”

Back Cover Information

California had seduced me with promises of a new life working at Los Carlos Tennis Academy. What I didn’t expect was the dark, brooding number one seed Travis Connolly resisting my help. He wasn’t interested in my psychology skills. Instead his attention was drawn to the edgy, sharper corners of my desires, proving that they existed, setting me challenges and driving me crazy to the point of combustion.

I’m the best tennis player in the world—officially—so why would I need a damn woman full of psychobabble to get me on form? Despite my irritation, however, I can’t resist pushing Marie Sherratt’s buttons, even though doing that shows her the darkest shades of my lust, the parts of me I bury deep. So I set her a challenge, one she rises to, one that has me rising too, and before long my game relies on her calling the shots, hitting the target and bending to my will. One thing is certain, being not just master of the court but also of Marie is seriously good for my soul.

Grab Grand Slam from Ellora's Cave, AmazonAmazon UK and all other good ebook retailers and do check out the Raw Talent website for more sexy sporting heroes.


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