Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to a special St Patrick's Day Saturday Spankings. This week 8 from Who Dares Wins, my steamy M/M/M novella just out at Totally Bound. In this snippet Ken is being treated to a menage with his lover and his SAS soldier colleague Slider. Things are heating up as Ken is positioned on hands and knees on the table in the quaint cottage he lives in with Jack…

“Oh, you’re such a bad sub, trying to get me coming,” Jack said in a strained voice. “A spank is definitely in order.”

Just the word spank had my arse tingling.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, went from view and struck my left buttock with the palm of his hand.

I yelped as a blissful sting burnt then radiated throughout my entire body, increasing the weight in my cock and the tremble in my arsehole.

“Nice,” Slider said a few seconds later, “You gonna match it up, Jack?”


I knew what was coming and braced for Jack’s next slap. Swiping across my right buttock this time, the pain was white-hot. He had a way of slapping that seemed to skim the surface, startle every nerve ending and also penetrate to my deeper muscles, making the ache meander down to my cock and setting up a strong pull that made my orgasm even more powerful when it eventually happened.

Available from Totally BoundAReAmazon and Amazon UK and all good ebook retailers.  (Please note Who Dares Wins also features in the anthology Stand to Attention.)


  1. "Just the word spank" and an erotic charged snippet here...

  2. Wonderfully descriptive of the physical impact "Startle every nerve ending..." Loved this snippet

  3. His way of slapping sounds very HOT. Nicely written.

  4. Very sexy snippet. Electric hot. The cover isn't bad to look at either!