Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog, this week a few steamy lines from Beauty and Pain, my new Harlem Dae release from Totally Bound (also on Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe), but first here's the blurb…

When a beautiful stranger offers pain of the erotic variety, would you be able to resist?

When Isabella catches the eye of handsome fellow commuter on the daily grind into London, she can’t help but fantasise about all the dirty things they could do together. The fact that they are strangers only adds to her dirty desires and wicked wantonness. How amazing would it be to have such a man bend her to his will and take her to the dizzy heights of ecstasy she longs to go?

Fortunately for her, things soon heat up between them and before she knows it his dominant layers are revealed and he shows her a way to combine the perfect slice of agony with the most dazzling of encounters that has her muffling her screams for more, more, more. My God, it’s just the way she likes it—were they meant to travel this journey together?

Every good thing must end, however, but will there be a second round? Or is Gabriel nothing more but a ship who crosses her path for a one-time experience? Isabella’s not sure. She’s in it for the fun, but is he?

I stretched up, cupped his clean-shaven cheek and spoke into his ear. “Fuck me, Sir.”
His body tensed. He swallowed. “Is it what you want?”
“Yes, and I know damn well it’s what you want.” I brushed my hand over his groin, stroking his long, hard erection through his clothing.
“I can’t deny that.”
“So do it.” I released his belt buckle, unbuttoned and unzipped him. “You got a condom?”
He already had his wallet in his hand and was pulling out a small blue foil package.
I grinned, anticipating the feel of his solid shaft plunging deep into my pussy. He was well endowed, but I was so wet and ready for cock it would be an absolute treat to accommodate him.
After releasing his dick from his boxers, I made a show of exploring its length, of tracing the veins and smoothing beneath the groove of his circumcised glans. The movement of the train shifted our bodies slightly, rhythmic sways, but that didn’t disturb my adoration of his erection.
“Ah, yeah,” he groaned. “I love your little sub hands on me.”
He tipped his head back, groaned, and I decided to let that sub mention pass.
But I wasn’t his sub.
I gave a couple more languid push-pulls then took the condom and rolled it down his length.
He opened his eyes, watched me, his mouth slack and his eyes wide. He was so hard, so turned on, I really didn’t think he’d last long. But that was okay, I was still buzzing—it wouldn’t take much to tip me over the edge again.
“You’re ready,” I said. “To fuck me... Sir.”
He sucked in a breath. Oh, yeah, that Sir word seriously got him off.
Suddenly I was a foot higher. In a flash he’d slid me up the wall, spread my legs around his hips and had his hands on my sore arse.
“Get ready for it,” he said then claimed my mouth.

* * * *

Beauty and Pain is the first in a short story trilogy titled A Bit of Strange, look out for the next books coming soon.

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