Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Hello Saturday Spankers - this week a few from the Sexy as Hell Trilogy written by myself and Natalie Dae. In this scene from the first book, The Novice, Zara is testing how much Victor will obey her, she has no idea, here at the beginning of their erotic and intense relationship, just how far each of them will go…

“You’re, you’re going to spank me...Mistress?”

“Yes, because quite honestly, Victor, you deserve it. After standing me up last night, not using the plug when I told you to, and then all that skiving and sending dirty emails when you should have been working, you really do need to take your punishment.” I leaned closer so my lips caressed his earlobe. “You’ve been bad. Really bad, and for that you must take the consequences, but...I’m pretty damn sure it will get you off.”

He looked at me, taking his attention from The Harlequin, who was reaching into a black-and-white chequered box.

“The show,” I snapped, whacking his arse again.

His cock grew in my other hand.

Yes, I had him.

If Sexy as Hell yanks your chain then the Box Set is the cheapest way to enjoy the trilogy and comes with three bonus short stories, including The Harlequin mentioned in the above snippet (beware -The Harlequin contains medical fetish!) or, if you've already enjoyed Sexy as Hell you can just grab the shorts as individual reads.

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  1. Oh my, she had him all right.

  2. very hot! I love how she lists his disobediences

  3. Sounds like she has the matters in "Hand" very nicely...

  4. He's going to learn to disobey.