Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Sexy Ex ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS166

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. Here's a few from HIRED, book #1 in my HOT ICE series, which is FREE for everyone and widely available.

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"Sometimes a deal really is too good to be true."

One hundred grand to babysit bad boy Logan “Phoenix” Taylor on a paradise island—seriously, how bad could he be?
Frankly, it didn’t matter. Not when it would make my dreams of going to nursing school possible. I wasn’t even expected to talk to him, just hang out in a luxurious villa on a private beach and study. Simple, right?

But I hadn’t counted on Logan being so deliciously bad that he was oh so good. And when the temperature cranked to boiling point, he knew just how to satisfy the deepest, darkest part of my soul and give my body exactly what it needed. Amongst the sand and waves, we transported each other to an exquisite world of pleasure where only we existed, only we mattered.

But the heady mix of emotions and lust couldn’t keep things from spiraling out of control back in reality, where I had to keep the secret that I’d been hired to entertain him…even if it shattered my delicate heart. Even if it cost me my destiny.

As the water beat onto my back, I placed the sponge on the top curve of his shoulders and wiped from left to right. The pouring water slid the bubbles over his gleaming, golden skin. I squeezed some more and watched the soapy stream run through every trough and dip of his back, down the neat crack of his butt and on to his solid thighs, finally settling around his ankles before swirling down the drain.
I touched the phoenix again and trailed upward to several crescent nail marks at the base of his shoulder blades—stab marks from my frenzied orgasm on the sofa. “Sorry about this,” I said.
“My favorite kind of wound,” he said in a tight voice.
“Yes, but I’m still sorry if I hurt you.”
He huffed. “You didn’t hurt me.” His voice was as dry as he was wet. “But if you feel bad and want to make it up to me, feel free to, at any time.”
I knew exactly how I was going to make it up to him. “Okay, turn around again.”
He shifted and loomed over me with the look of the devil in the depths of his eyes. But I pressed firmly against his water-slick chest until he was backed against the tiles. “I’ve finished with your shoulders and butt now,” I said. “Though I reckon your front needs attention.”
He swept his tongue over his bottom lip and narrowed his eyes. He looked like he was done playing my game and was about to grab me. But he didn’t, he stayed where I’d put him, though his fists clenched and his muscles tensed. Deliberately, slowly, I refilled the sponge with shower gel, worked up a lather and set it on his right collarbone. Sliding it to the left, I squeezed and watched as white froth trickled down his sternum, caught through the fuzz at his navel and settled in his pubic hair. “You’re getting good and clean now,” I said, shifting the sponge to the right collarbone again. “What do you think, Logan?”
“Clean as I’m ever gonna get,” he growled as a muscle flexed in his cheek. I’d noticed this happened when he was getting frustrated or impatient. I couldn’t decide if it was cute or dangerous—probably the latter.
I dropped the sponge on the floor and rested my hands on top of his soapy hips, right where the sharp angle of muscle tapered inward and downward from his six-pack. “Does that mean you’re always a little bit dirty?” I licked my lips. “Even when you’re soaped up in the shower?”
“Only when I’m in the shower and your mouth is looking so damn appealing.”
“You like my mouth?”
“Hell, yeah, sexiest mouth I’ve ever seen.”
He leaned in for a kiss but I dodged and shoved him back against the tiles by his hips. “Mmm, I’m glad about that,” I said, pulling provocatively on my lower lip with my teeth. “Because I’m hungry, really hungry.” I looked down at his erect cock jutting forward, slid my fingers into his pubes and tangled them in wiry hairs. Then I headed lower and wrapped my right hand around his thick, rigid shaft and sent the left to cup his balls.
Logan let out a groan. “Ahh, fuck,” he said, looking down. “Your little hands are so sweet on me.”

HOT ICE is a 7 book series following the fortunes of the sexy Vipers who play to win on and off the ice. More details on my website.




  1. Oh my - achingly rich with detail.

  2. Just finished reading 'Hired'. Fabulous story!

  3. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Ashe, I'm thrilled you enjoyed HIRED :)