Tuesday, 8 November 2016


It's funny what can inspire a story, lately I've been getting my kick starts for plots, characters and scenes from a variety of sources.

For example, it was a comment from Mr H about our breadboards making great spanking paddles that set me off writing AT HER HUSBAND'S COMMAND. In this novella the breadboard becomes as much a character as the characters and all the Doms and subs who come to tea want a go with it!

Russian Heat is book #7 in my Hot Ice series, and it was a TV documentary about Russia that got me not only writing but setting a good chunk of the story in the snowy wilderness of Northern Russia.

I adored spending time there, in my head with my characters. I've never been, but it's definitely on my bucket list to go and explore.

It's no secret that one of the first novels I wrote, SHARED, was inspired by a newspaper advert I saw in a local paper, it read...

Little did I know that this set me off on a two novel adventure with Ariane, Liam and Quinn.

Coming in December is my novella X-RATED. Before I started writing this I'd already decided I wanted to play with the dynamics of a married couple rekindling their spark for one another. I wasn't sure where to start the story, but then wandering around social media I came across a story of someone being caught masturbating and how mortified they were for a variety of reasons.

I decided to turn this on its head and make it a very positive thing, clearly if a wife is having to please herself, the husband needs to take a look at what he's missing. It's a fun story, completely kinky, and action packed.

I wrote BITE MARK and CLAW MARK sometime ago, but still the inspiration for those books, particularly a secret worshipful company of vampires living in London, has stayed with me. 

Mr H took me to London, he had an early meeting near Smithfield Market - where all the local butchers congregate to trade. It was early December, there was hardly anyone around and a thick fog lurked in the back streets. He left me having a cup of tea in a cafe and went to his meeting, and I sat, quietly, looking out of the window at the eerie setting. It wasn't hard to imagine supernatural occurrences and how people could just vanish, right there, in the very heart of London.

I'm actually in between books right now, and waiting for inspiration to strike again. I have no idea where it will come from or what genre the story will be, but what I am grateful for is having the imagination to create pages and pages of story from just a picture, a song, a comment or an experience. That's something I'll always be thankful for.

Thank you for reading.

Lily x

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