Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Snog

Hello Sunday Snoggers! This week we're puckering up with a super hot snippet from my new novel The Silk Tie

My heart was beating fast and my breaths coming quick. I walked up to him, stroked my hand over his hair then down the back of his neck.
“Now what?” he asked, a little breathily and looking at the tie between my breasts.
“Now I’m going to suck that hard cock of yours.”
The right side of his mouth twitched. “Feel free.”
“And you’re not going to hold my hair, or shove into me, you’re going to lie back.” I pushed his shoulders, forcing him down onto the bed but with his feet still planted on the floor. “And let me have my fun.”
His cock stuck upright, proud and eager, and his belly was tense.
“I’ll do my best,” he said.
The thought of just how far I was going to take this had adrenaline swamping my system.
I pushed his knees apart and folded my legs so I was kneeling between his thighs. His cock was rigid and had bulging veins twisting up its length. The head was shiny and round, like the dildos I had in the drawer at my side.
Leaning forward, tie swaying, I took hold of his cock and pressed my thumb over his slit.
He moaned and shifted.
“Wider,” I said, parting his legs more, much more, as wide as I had to spread mine when he fucked me.
His balls hung heavy underneath his cock, the skin wrinkled and coated in short, soft hairs. Beneath was a tight seam of flesh that led to his asshole. The small hairs followed this route then fanned out over the underside of his buttocks and onto his thighs where they thickened and darkened.
I’d been between Gabe’s legs, worshipping his cock, many times. But this was the first time I’d taken notice of his anus—the first time I’d decided that would be the focus of my attentions.
“Oh, you’re such a tease,” Gabe said, clenching the sheet into his fists.
“This is nothing on what you did to me last night,” I said, knowing my breath would heat his shaft and balls as I spoke. “You teased me until I was insane.”
Before he could answer, I tipped forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth.
“Ah, yeah, Hales…” he moaned, his legs twitching against my torso.
I set up a steady movement up and down, licking, swirling, bobbing and playing with his cock. I left no patch of skin unexplored by either my mouth or my fingers.
With each stroke I sent my touch lower. Cupping his balls, rolling the delicate flesh in my hands and squeezing gently. I then massaged the line of raised skin that went to his hole.
He groaned my name, leaked pre-cum, and dragged the sheets tighter into his hands.
Without pausing, I reached into the drawer and grabbed the lube. The lid was loose and I quickly managed to get a blob on my fingertips.
I went back to fingering the skin beneath his testicles. He was getting nearer to the edge, his shaft a solid length in my mouth, so I eased up. I didn’t want him to come too soon.
I slowed my eager tonguing and concentrated on the small, whispering strokes I was making over his asshole. Tenderly, I caressed the wrinkles of skin, following their shape then moving back to his balls. The lube made everything slippery and even softer.
“Hales…” he murmured. “Fuck, that feels…good.”
I could have punched the air in triumph. That was exactly the reaction I wanted.
Carefully, I set my lubed middle finger in the center of his pucker, then, as I sank his cock to the back of my throat, I eased into his secret passage.
“Oh…God…” he moaned, his legs tensing against my outer ribs. “Bloody hell.”
He hadn’t told me to stop so I kept on slipping into his soft heat. It was thrilling to be inside him. I never had been before, even after all of this time.
“Hales...I...what are you doing?” he gasped, releasing the bedcover and touching the top of my head.
I released his cock and caught it in the palm of my free hand. “Shh, go with it…”
“But you…you’re in my…”
“Arse, yes. It will feel good, I promise.” I looked him in the eye.
His face was flushed and tense, his pupils wide and his teeth gritted.
“Relax,” I soothed. “Let me in.”
“Ah, fuck…” He let his head fall back to the bed. “Really?”
I took that as a sign that he wanted more and I continued to slide into him, right up to my knuckle. His insides were like satin pillows, silky and blood-warm.
The sight of my finger buried in his ass had moisture building in my pussy and my heart pounding.
I reached for the lube with my free hand, added more, then slipped in a second finger.
His hips bucked and he bowed his back.
“Shh,” I said, working his cock with my free hand. “Take it easy.”
“Hard to when you’re in my fucking arse,” he gasped.
Damn, and I’d hardly started. I didn’t even think I could feel his prostate. This reaction was just from me being there, stretching his hole around my fingers.
With small, gentle movements I eased in and out, pretending my fingers were one of the shorter, stubby dildos I’d seen in the shop. His cock lay on his abdomen, hard and thick. I reached for it again and pumped him to the same slow rhythm I was buggering his ass.
“Hales, I don’t know where this has…come from…this idea. But fuck…it feels awesome.”
“Just returning the favor, Mr. Stone,” I said. “Do you like it?”
“Good different?”
“Ah…fuck…yeah, good different.”
I pulled out and released his cock.
“Oh, Jesus,” he said, sitting forward and clasping his cock. “Really, you think that’s a viable tease?” He swallowed hard and his belly tensed further.
“Oh, we’re so past teasing.” I stood and placed one hand on my hip, smoothed the tie with my other. “Now we’re ready for the real deal.”
“The real deal?” He was breathing fast.
“Yeah. When I saw you earlier, I’d been to a shop, a sex shop.”
He raised his eyebrows. “You had?”
“Yes, to get you something.”
He pushed his hand through his hair. “What? What the hell did you get?”
“This.” I stooped and retrieved the strap-on from the drawer. I didn’t bother to hold it up, to see if he could guess what it was, I simply stepped into it and pulled it into place.
“What do you think?” I asked, wrapping my hand around my long, purple cock then jutting it toward him.
Gabe opened his mouth then shut it again.
His expression told me everything. I hadn’t been mistaken last night. He liked it. He liked the idea of me wearing a dildo and taking him up the ass.
“Arse play, prostate stimulation, it feels great for a bloke, so I’ve been told,” I said. “I figured it was time we gave it a go.”
He nodded, released his cock and touched mine.
“I think this is the right size,” I said. “But I have a bigger one if you prefer.”
He shook his head, his gaze still fixed on the dildo. “No. I think that looks fine.” 
“Yes, I agree.” I moved closer. “Open up.”
“Your mouth. Open up.” Fuck. Had I taken it too far already? This idea had just come to me. But it felt right, and that’s what he’d said he’d done the night before, just gone with the whole scene and done what felt right at the time.
I touched the tip of the dildo to his lips. “This is what it’s like for me, when you put your dick into my mouth. Learn it…experience it.”
He looked up at me, the light casting shadows from his lower lashes onto his cheeks. In that moment he appeared vulnerable, unsure. My usually confident, strong husband was surprised and thrown off kilter.
“Open,” I said again, cupping his jaw. I needed to be the one in control here, lead the way, even though it was new to me too.
This time he did as I’d asked and opened his mouth.
I slid the first few inches of the dildo in, watching as his lips rounded along the smooth girth.
Fuck. It was hot to see. I thought of the men on the Tube, of them sucking each other’s cocks. Real cocks.
Gabe would never suck a real cock, I’d never get the chance to watch that, but damn, this was amazing.
I slid deeper—not as far as he did with me, I’d had years of practice—but enough to fill his mouth and for his cheeks to bulge.
“Good boy,” I said. It was patronizing, I knew that, and in the daytime, at his office, no one would dare speak to Gabriel Stone that way. But he took it, he didn’t answer, hell, he couldn’t. He just widened his eyes and flared his nostrils.
I pulled out, eased back in then withdrew completely.
“Are you ready to take what you doled out to me last night?”
He wiped the back of his hand over his mouth. “Why are you doing this?”
“Because,” I leaned forward and brushed my lips over his, “you were so interested in how it felt and…”
“And what?”
“And I saw a sparkle in your eye—you want this, you know you do.”
He nodded, frowned, swallowed. “Yes.”
“You’ve been thinking about it, not just yesterday, but for a while.”
“What do you mean?”
“Getting arse-fucked. Having me wearing a dildo and making you come and come and come.”
He sucked in a breath. “Do it.”

To find out exactly how Gabe and Hayley get on with their exciting new game, please purchase The Silk Tie from Amazon.

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  1. What a tantalising excerpt! Defiantly one I want to read!!