Wednesday, 20 August 2014

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I write with Natalie Dae and we publish under the name Harlem Dae. My work with Natalie tends to be darker and edgier than my solo stuff. Check out the Harlem Dae Website and the critically acclaimed Sexy as Hell Trilogy - you won't be disappointed!

Latest Review

"Yowsa! Victor and Zara's story (sorry, I meant Zara and Victor's story;) is different from anything in the mainstream in this genre. I enjoyed how HD convinced me I was reading a love story and not a sex for sex's sake play-by-play. Each book in the trilogy is that, a full-length book; so, be prepared to read for more than two days. I liked this quality, but I know some prefer a quick in-and-out read. Also, if you are easily offended by fringe sexual acts and cannot wrap your brain around how two people in love could perform such acts, you might not like this one. While I doubt I'll ever do, in this life, half the acts detailed, I appreciated the authors' courage in portraying them. Really enjoyed the role-reversal in first book and watching Zara soften a bit as the trilogy continued. Plus, I'm a sucker for all things British, so really loved every time Victor said, "Bloody…" If you like your love story with a bit of edge/unconventionality, you'll enjoy this one! It's a wild ride."

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