Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Snog - Mattress Music

This week's Sunday Snog is taken from Mattress Music. This is a scene in the Bug House at London Zoo when the secretive Ian is trying to find out what really rocks Nina's boat.

His hand slipped from my cheek and rested around my neck. I was sure he could feel my heart beating wildly beneath my skin. “And have you found it yet?” he murmured. “Love, that is.”
“No. Well, maybe once, several years ago, but we separated on good terms, it was a mutual breakup, we’d grown out of each other. There were few tears on either side.”
“And no one since?”
“Not that I would use the ‘L’ word for, no.”
Ian grinned suddenly, as if I’d just told him some fabulous piece of news. “Oh, you are such a sweet little challenge, Nina.” His lips were just a whisper from mine. “Such an irresistible challenge.”
“What do you mean?” I dragged in his hot scent, lingering leather and musk. I could taste him in the air between us, a delicious blend of all my favorite erotic flavors.
“A challenge to please in the bedroom and, even better, a challenge to capture the heart of. Now I’ve been your dragon, I hope I can redeem myself and be your knight in shining armor.” His lips pressed on mine and his confident tongue darted into my mouth. I couldn’t resist, I curled my hands over his shoulders, squeezed my fingers into the soft cotton and pulled my body up against his. He had such a wonderful way with words.
He groaned deep in his throat and intensified the kiss. Our teeth touched briefly, our hats knocked and my head began to spin. All I could think of was the way he was holding me, as if he would never let me go. His words rang in my ears—he wanted to please me and capture my heart. Could I let myself fall in love after all this time? Could I be with just one person instead of constantly being on the prowl? Something inside me was telling me maybe I could—with Ian.
His hands roamed my body, squeezing my butt through my jeans and stroking up my spine. I let myself fall forward and felt his growing erection press through his jeans against my stomach. He moaned into my mouth as I squirmed against his length, then he sent a hand up inside my t-shirt, cupped my breast through my satin bra and tweaked my nipple to a hard point.
Blood pulsed between my thighs and I braced my knees to stay upright. I wanted him, now. I wanted him inside me again so badly I thought I might actually combust. It was already hot in the bug house, but we were cranking the temperature to the boiling point.
“You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” Ian murmured as he kissed across my cheek to my ear. “No idea how much this means.”
“Oh, I think I can tell,” I said, squeezing my hand between our bodies and pressing my palm against the strain in his jeans.
His breath caught in his throat, he stopped kissing me, pulled his head back and looked into my eyes. “But why do you want me?” he asked, his voice tight as a violin string.
“What?” I asked, treating him to another long, firm stroke through his denim.
His whole body tensed. “I need to know,” he said, frowning. “What do you see in me?”
“What, apart from your wit, humor and constant need to analyze?” I asked, massaging his cock. A naughty little voice on my shoulder was telling me to undo his fly and go down on him right here. There didn’t seem to be anyone around—perhaps we’d get away with it.
“Yes.” He sounded as if he were struggling to control his breathing, a muscle jumped in his cheek. “Apart from wit, humor and constant analysis, what else do you see?”
“Mmm…” I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I popped open the top button of his fly. “There is, of course, your charming smile, cute butt and…”
“What,” he said louder. “And what?”
I raised my brows as if deliberating my answer.
“Goddamn it, Nina, stop playing with me.” He grabbed both my wrists and clamped them to his chest.
“But-but I thought you were enjoying it.” I frowned up at him.
“Fuck, of course I was…am…” He screwed up his face. “Nina, stop playing with my head. What else attracted you to me? I need to know, now.” 

Oh, yum, I completely fell for Ian as I wrote this story, but don't forget about his 'mates', Robbie, Dean and Tim. There are three books in this series and I will do a snog from each one over the next three weeks.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lily x

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