Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Drea Becraft

Today I am thrilled to have Drea Becraft visiting my blog. She has a great new novel out on 17th October called Timing is Everything and today she is sharing Dimitri with us as well as a wonderful excerpt. Take it away Drea...

Timing Is Everything

Mandy only wanted one thing in life–to have a family. With no other options available to her, Mandy seeks out to adopt a child to call her own. Then a favor for a friend turns her world upside down and inside out.

Dmitri is on a mission to expand his business, but when his ex drops their baby on his doorstep for him to raise, Dmitri’s plans start to venture into unknown territory. If it weren’t for Mandy, his whole world would be in shambles.

Both Mandy and Dmitri have their own crosses to bear but Dmitri can’t imagine life without her. In a situation neither of them planned on, can they get past their differences and find happiness together?

* * * * *

Hi Lily, hi everyone, here is a look into one of my characters minds. I would love to introduce you to Dmitri.

Hello Dmitri and welcome.  How is Lynn?

Getting bigger by the minute I can hardly believe she grows so quick.  But I guess that happens when you spend your life happy and in love.

I know how that one goes.  So how is life treating you these days?

GREAT! Better now that I have finally found a woman who treats me great and I can’t wait to get home to.

Describe your perfect woman will you please?

Loving, compassionate, and hardworking.  Being good on the eyes isn’t bad either but I am all about the person inside and not out.

How did you and Mandy meet?

By a total chance of fate but I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

Does the fact the age difference between the yourself and Mandy bother you?

Its never been an issue for me.  Mandy is sexy as sin and will always be. I have to admit it took me awhile to convince her the age thing was an issue but I think she finally believes me.

Are there more children in your future?

Oh yeah. I hope many more…okay not many maybe a few.  I sure won’t mind making them.

Do you think Kisha will be back?

I don’t know but I hope not.  I know Lynn is going to have questions but the woman is in no way shape or form a good role model for my child.

If you could make one wish for the future what would it be?

To live a long happy life with my family and friends. 

Do you have anything else to add?

Thank you for having me! 


            “I have eight hours before we leave.
            It takes at least an hour to get there, add in the cavity search you have to go through, and baggage check and youre going to be lucky if you make it on time if you leave right now. As if on cue the buzzer arming the front doors went off as Tim's face filled the small screen in the corner of Sasha's desk.  Looks like hubby's here so time to go.
            If you need anything you'll call me, right?
            Not unless there isn't other option.
            You can call me anytime. At the door Sasha entered her pin number into the key pad and pushed the door open slightly.
            Its your honeymoon. Go have fun and dont worry about work. Everything's under control. Making a shooing motion with her arms, Mandy smiled at Tim as he opened the door and stuck his head in giving her a wink.
             You heard the woman, it's our honeymoon.  Besides, I plan on keeping you too busy to even remember your name, let alone  who you work for. Kissing his wife on the cheek before grabbing her hand, Mandy watched as the two left the office without another word.
            Despite her anger over the wedding she should've been at, Mandy really did like Tim.  The love he showed for her friend was one she envied and hoped some man would share with her one day.  Until then she'd watch the love those two shared and be as happy as she could for them both.
            Hours later Mandy sat at her computer when the buzzer filled the office.  Turning to look into the monitor, the site of a lady with a carrier filled the screen.  Pushing the button to allow her to enter, the cries of a baby filled the office before either mother or child entered the space.  Once inside Mandy was struck by the site of the woman as the door closed behind her.
            Can I help you? Raising up from behind the desk, Mandy looked down at the baby covered in a pink blanket.
            Yeah, I'm here to drop this off.
            Sure, I can take that envelope for you. Holding out her hand for the envelope in the womans hand, Mandy waited patiently for it to be handed over.
            Not the envelope you twit, the baby. Lifting the carrier up onto the counter, the woman set the envelope on the desk beside it.
            Excuse me? Did you just say the baby?

 Thanks so much for sharing Drea, and wishing you lots of success with your new book.

Lily x


  1. Thanks for having me Lily. Only a little under a week till release and already I have goosebumps lol.


  2. sounds like a wonderfully heartwarming romance, Drea!! Lovely excerpt xxx