Saturday, 19 September 2020

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, you know I like to take you globe-trotting, last week was Africa and this week we're heading to the Scottish Highlands with OWNED BY THE HIGHLANDERS. Enjoy!


When a wounded Jacobite rebel and his companion seek shelter in her home following a clash with a group of Red Coats, Lady Moira Campbell of Leannan Creag offers her aid. But after she risks all of their lives with her careless disregard for their instructions, she quickly finds herself held in place by one stern Scotsman while her bare bottom is soundly spanked by the other.

Reid Murray and Kendal McDonald were certainly not looking for a wife when they sought refuge in Moira's home, but her beautiful body's response to their firm-handed dominance and strict correction is as delightful as it is obvious, and they decide to make her their shared bride.

Despite her shock at the scandalous nature of their marriage plans and their willingness to correct her behaviour in the most shameful of ways, when the two handsome Highlanders take her in their arms and claim her properly Moira is left spent and satisfied. But after her recklessness puts her in danger again, will her punishment be thorough enough to finally teach her obedience?

“It won’t happen again.” Oh, God. Reid was going to spank her. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was because of the bread. But this was because of her silly, stupid, crazy need to use bad words. Not that she’d thought he’d hear. She’d presumed she was alone.
He pulled out a chair and sat, knees apart and with his kilt riding up. His boots were coated in dirt and his fists clenched. He was so big, so strong, and the expression on his face was one of grim determination to teach her a lesson.
“Over you go,” he said, nodding at his lap.
Her belly clenched, so did her pussy.
“If I tell you again I’ll double the punishment.”
“Aye, of course.”
Moira had upended herself over Angus’s lap once, but he’d found it uncomfortable, and from then on preferred her over the table should she step out of line. But she didn’t think Reid would find her heavy or uncomfortable at all.
“Now.” His voice had deepened and a muscle flexed in his cheek.
Quickly she did his bidding, tipping over his wide thighs so her ass was presented to him. Already her buttocks were tingling and when he hoisted up her dress to expose her ass cheeks, she couldn’t help a whimper of nervous anticipation.
“I hope you’ll learn each lesson we teach you,” he said, smoothing his work-worn palms over her soft skin. “For this pale flesh of yours is delicate and lots of spankings will become incredibly uncomfortable, Moira.”
“I’ll try.” Blood was rushing to her head. She spread her fingers on the cold floor to keep her balance. Her feet were in the air; he’d tipped her forward so her ass was the highest point.
“Angus, God rest his soul, may not have been as strict with you as he should have been.”
“I believe he was.”
“Ouch!” She lurched forward as searing heat spread over her right buttock.
“That is for us to judge,” he said. “Now try to keep still. Be as loud as you want because there’s no one for miles around, we have just determined that, to hear your woe.” He paused. “Because Kendal won’t save you, in fact he’d likely take a few swats at your ass too, just so you knew he was also unhappy with your cursing.”
“Aye. I understand.” She curled her toes and screwed up her eyes. Waiting for the next spank was almost as hard as taking it.
But she didn’t wait long. Soon it was there, blistering hot and making her clench and jerk.
Reid held her tight against his body, his arm over her back and curling around her waist.
It was clear he was a good shot with his free hand, and made quick work of spanking her hard and thoroughly. Each slap hit a slightly different section of flesh, making her gasp and cry out.
Her skin heated, sweat popped on her brow, and her body rubbed against his hard legs.
“The colour you’re turning shows me you’re going to remember this wee lesson.”
“Aye, I will,” she gasped. “I’m sorry for cursing, really I am.”
“I can tell you are.” He smoothed over her flesh, caressing it, as if tracing the marks he’d made.
When he slid his fingers down the crack of her buttocks and over her asshole, she held her breath.
“Do not fear me touching you here,” he said, stilling over the tight rosebud of her anus. “For I will, and so will Kendal.”
She didn’t reply. The sensation was so new, so thrilling, but also frightening.
“Angus never took this hole, did he?” Reid tugged her right buttock so he could examine her intimately.
“No,” she managed, her eyes still closed and an image of her hole exposed to him besieging her. Embarrassment swarmed over her body like a rash. “It wasn’t his persuasion to.”
“That’s a shame. You would have enjoyed it.”


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  1. Hot excerpt, Lily. These Highlanders don't mess around. I suppose they can be gentle and tender when and if the occasion calls for it, but that is not their usual way. Well done!