Wednesday, 26 April 2017

SHARED by Lily Harlem #MidWeekTease #menage #erotic #romance on sale

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week a few sexy lines from SHARED my popular menage a trois novel which happens to be on offer at just 99c/99p for a few days only (read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited).

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Struggling artist Ariane Arlington flees the Welsh valleys after exposing her corrupt boss. But when the sun rises she finds herself jobless and homeless in Cardiff city with barely a penny to her name. 

She responds to an advert in the local paper—Room to let, wanted, girl to share. What she doesn’t realize is that the two insanely gorgeous guys who live in the penthouse apartment really do want a girl to share, in every sense of the word. Fortunately for Ariane, rent is the last thing on their minds.

She discovers the men are bound together by a turbulent past. Liam, a computer whiz, keeps a painful secret hidden beneath his buff exterior, whilst Quinn, a pioneering neurosurgeon, wonders if he’ll ever meet a woman who can live with his controlling ways. They admit the one thing missing from their lives is a woman just like Ariane, who can handle them both in and out of the bedroom and who, together, they can keep satisfied, loved and most of all, safe. 

I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep feeling safe and satisfied. I wasn’t sure what time it was when I felt myself being gently kissed back to consciousness—down my neck, behind my ear, over my collarbone. There was no light in the room, it was thick blackness so I shut my eyes again and sighed. 
I shifted on the mattress as Liam trailed kisses down to my right breast and then sucked on my nipple. He nipped it between his teeth and the small bite of erotic pain sent sparks flying to my clit. I groaned and murmured for more. He switched to the other breast as his hand took over tweaking and twirling the damp, erect nipple his mouth had just left. The bristles on his chin scratched my delicate flesh as he literally ate me up. I could feel my pussy swelling, humming, aching for attention once more. Liam was more urgent than earlier, more resolute in the way he was kissing me. There was a little rough wildness mixed in. 
“Liam,” I murmured, reaching out and feeling hard, wide-boned shoulders. 
“Mmm...” Liam said from the pillow next to me, he cupped my jaw and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. 
“What...?” Confusion seared through me. I dragged myself upward. The kissing at my breasts stopped abruptly. “What is...?” 
“Hey, it’s okay.” A hot, hard, freshly showered body loomed over mine. 
“Quinn?” I asked, full of surprise. 
“I’m so glad you stayed,” Quinn murmured, pulling me flat again.
Liam was still cupping my jaw but Quinn dodged his hand and kissed me—a, firm, passionate, kiss. “I could hardly wait to get home,” he said into my mouth. “To see you, to kiss you, to hold you.” 
“But, you... I’m in bed with...” My sleepy mind struggled. I know they’d said share but did they mean literally, share the same time? “Is that okay? Is this okay?” 
“Of course it’s okay,” Liam said. He scooped up my breast and flicked his thumb over my nipple. “Quinn and I have no attraction toward each other, we’re not gay, but making love to you, together, seems like an enormous amount of fun for all of us, don’t you think?” 
“I...” My mind whirred whilst my body did cartwheels of excitement. These boys were so bad! “I guess, if that’s what you want?” 
“It’s most definitely what we want,” Liam said softly. “And I think it’s what you want, too, Ariane.” 

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  1. Definitely fun for all! Great tease.

  2. Looks like they will be having a lot of fun.

  3. Oh well, how could she possibly resist? Lots of fun to be had for sure!

  4. Now THAT'S one hell of a good way to wake up!

  5. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and took the time to comment :)

    Lily x

  6. That was hot! I would love to wake up like that! Great tease!