Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sexy to the Rescue ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS185

Welcome to MY SEXY SATURDAY. This week we're all about those guys who come to our rescue. Here's a snippet from a novel you can grab now for FREE!

This rescuer comes in the shape of a sexy Irish traveller who has issues with mean guys who hit girls!

“I see you picked a bloke with class,” Harper said, pinning Cedric to the wall.
“Wolf in sheep clothing,” Carmel replied. “And a mean temper to go with it.” She rubbed beneath her right eye, remembering the pain that had lasted weeks after Cedric had thumped her.
“He hit you?” Harper frowned and combined with the shadows of the alley his expression turned from irritated to downright menacing.
“She… asked for that… as well.” Cedric squirmed.
“Yeah, well, you had no choice then, did ya.” Harper suddenly released Cedric. “But to go ahead and hit her.”
Cedric dropped to the flats of his feet and placed his hand around his neck, as though checking all was still in order. He didn’t appear to even see the punch that hit him in the right side of his face.
It propelled him backwards into the wall, then he staggered several steps to the left, cupping his cheek and bending double. “What the… fuck?”
“Hitting a woman is never okay, arsehole,” Harper said. “And giving one a black eye is unforgiveable.”
“I’ll fucking sue you for this.”
“Yeah, try and find me.” Harper kicked out at him, not with the toe of his boot but the base, shoving Cedric further away, towards the shop end of the alley. “Now get the hell out of my sight before your head parts company with your neck.”
Cedric swung a glare at Carmel. His right eye was already swelling and a slit gaped on the rise of his cheek, a single drop of blood spilling from it.
A bloom of joy at the sight of his marked face filled Carmel's chest. Now he knew how she’d felt. He’d look in the mirror for days and weeks to come and be reminded of how it felt to be a victim.
“Does daddy know what rough company his princess is keeping?” Cedric snarled, then spat onto the ground, blood mixed in with the white blob.
“My father will know exactly what you tried tonight,” Carmel said, tipping her chin. “So don’t threaten me or approach me again. I’m not keeping your secrets any more.”
“This eejit won’t hurt you again.” Harper pulled a small roll up from his pocket and balanced it between his lips. “’Cause he’ll have me to deal with if he does.”

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