Friday, 2 December 2016

I'm Back!

Hey folks, I've missed you all while I've been away, but now I'm back, eyes well rested from screens and ready to get writing again. I've been hugely inspired by my travels in Asia and I'm itching to get all of my new stories written down. Mr H and I travelled via Singapore to Vietnam and then Boracay. It was an adventure with moments that made me laugh and cry. It was certainly very hot, though we got soaked in a few rain showers too - well it is the end of the rainy season there! I took far too many photographs to share them all but here are a few that will give you a sense of the places we visited - I hope.


Cargo ships in the harbour - I've never seen so many, they went of for miles!

Old building mixed with new on the waterfront, plus a bumbum boat.

The spot were trade started near Raffles Hotel.

Merlion - the symbol of Singapore and a popular tourist attraction.

Indian temple in the heart of China Town - another mix of old and new.

This is a rain tree and along with several others was carefully transplanted and protected as the city grew around them.

Marina Bay Sands. And yes, it's supposed to look like a ship has landed on 3 towers. It's huge and houses shops, restaurants, casinos and apartments and an incredible infinity pool. We went to the top at night and had a Singapore Sling - wow those drinks are strong!

Views from the top of Marina Sands at night.

A great spot for brunch by the Alkaff Bridge.



We watched a group of patient local girls spend a very long time getting their dogs to all sit in a row for a photograph!


Ho Chi Minh City

Also known to us as the city of motorbikes! Cars here are very expensive to tax and park so mopeds are the transportation of choice. There doesn't seem to be any rules about what people can or can't put on a bike, or anything to do when crossing the road except close your eyes and hope for the best!

Ho Chi Minh

Not sure what these couples were doing but they ended up having a big group photograph outside the palace.

The beautiful Post Office Building

Random tree!

View from the sky deck (bit sticking out) of the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City - The Bitexco Tower

School's out.

The Palace

Inside the Palace - plush and utilitarian.

We also went to the War Remnants Museum - I didn't take photographs inside here, it felt disrespectful. It was very moving. There was so much cruelty, death and deformity depicted and although hard to look at important for the world to remember.

Notre Dame - the other one!

Vietnam - south of Denang

Here we took to push bikes to explore the countryside and local towns and villages. It was a great way to really get a feel for the place.

We were soaked in a downpour but soon dried off in the heat, and were happy to find a nice place to eat along the riverside.

Local brew - it would be rude not to try it!

Hoi An - A World Heritage Site

It's so humid here that black fungus grows on the houses and they need painting every year if the owners can afford it.

Crazy wiring system! My father is an electrician, I took this picture for him.

China Beach

View looking inland from China Beach just as another rain storm was on the way.


Boracay is an idyllic island away from the hustle and bustle of life, and with pristine beaches, simple but delicious cuisine and a go-slow pace it offered us a much needed rest.

Hundreds of tiny fish in the water by the pier.

Congo Bar - a perfect spot to lounge and dry off after snorkelling, they serve cocktails and mango pancakes too!

I spotted this little desk on the sand - add a cushion for my bum and it would be perfect for writing and with this view... heavenly...

I hope you like my pictures, as you can probably tell I'm always snapping away when we go on holiday. This was extra special though, places we'd always dreamed of visiting. The biggest memory for me is the wonderful people we met along the way, everyone, everywhere we went was so friendly and helpful and full of pride when they talked about their country.

Lily x


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