Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a spanky moment from my new book X-RATED.

Back Cover Information

This weekend, Polly and Lucan work the kinks into their relationship.

When Polly is caught in a compromising position with a toy and a hardcore video, she doesn’t think her husband will ever go near her again. She feels twisted, nothing like the sweet wife he married. Little does she know, she’s awakened a monster by prodding Lucan’s sexual beast and making him sit up and take notice.


But what about Lucan’s needs? He’s been so busy at work that things have gotten out of his grip to the point he can’t even remember his fantasies.

During a weekend of passion and turmoil, heat and pleasure, they vow to never drift apart again. Neither can imagine just how far they’ll go to please the other, or how well matched their particular variety of kinks are.

Lucan allowed himself several indulgent minutes of owning his wife’s mouth. But when he felt his balls retracting, the need to come taking over his thoughts, he pulled out.
“No, Lucan, please, come in my mouth.”
“That’s not the plan, baby.”
“So what is the plan?”
“You’ll see.” Again he went to his bag. He took out the flogger, and for the sake of the camera gave it a few flicks through the air.
He stepped back up to the bed. Polly looked almost sacrificial lying there. He didn’t want to hit her hard, or even mark her, simply tease her with the strands.
He rested the tips on her breast and stroked it downward.
She sucked in a breath. “What?”
“Shh.” It looked so pretty against her skin. He was also aware of the power he wielded in his hand. What the flogger could do to her delicate flesh if he so wished.
“How does it feel?” he asked.
“Gentle, tickly.”
“It can bite like a shark or be as soft as a kitten.”
“And what mood is it in today?”
“What mood do you want it to be in?”
She hesitated. “Whatever you want?”
“I need a bit more from you than that, Polly.” He swept the flogger over her belly, then down her left leg and up her right. “More specific.”
She was trembling. Her fists were clenched. Her toes curled.
“Do it.”
“Do what?” he asked.
“Show me both, the kitten and the shark.”


  1. Very hot snippet! I think I'm going to have to read more of this.