Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog, this week I'm transporting you to the dizzying heights of Table Mountain with a snog from my new City Nights story ONE NIGHT IN CAPE TOWN.

A sudden extra strong gust of wind plucked at the tarp.
“Hang on.” Levi shuffled to the right. “I should fix that.”
Tia sat forward and watched as he secured it, once again blocking out the elements and keeping them safe.
He turned back to her. “Your jeans are wet through.”
“I know.” She ran her palms over the cool material covering her thighs. “So are yours.”
“Perhaps we should take them off.” He tipped his head and gave her a wicked smile. “Hang them up to dry.”
“Well, I...”
“It’s bad news to be in wet clothing in this kind of situation.”
“I agree.” She glanced at his jeans again. If she wasn’t mistaken, there was a definite bulge going on.
Jesus, is he thinking we’re going to get it on? Here?
He caught the direction of her gaze. “” He shifted on his knees. “Sorry— you’re cute, you’ve been snuggled up against me. I’m a guy...” He sat back against the wall and adjusted the creases in his jeans.
She pressed her lips together. The electricity of their connection, their bodies aligned as he’d embraced her, had not gone unnoticed by Tia either.
“I don’t know about you, but there’s not going to be much sleeping tonight and well...” Levi paused. “And since you just said that there hadn’t been enough sex on your honeymoon—”
“Levi!” Her mouth hung open. “That’s a bit forward, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, sorry, guess that’s how us Americans are.” He shrugged and tried to look nonchalant, but even in the dim light she could see a burst of colour on his cheeks.
“You Americans...” She shook her head.
“Yeah, we’re not stiff upper lip. Maybe we live in the moment. I do, these days, after...” He tilted his chin, squared his shoulders. “But don’t you want to join the half mile high club?” he said.
“Half mile?”
“Yeah, we’re at a decent altitude here.” He bit on his bottom lip.
She giggled and knotted her hands together. Would it really be such a bad way to pass the time? Levi was hot. She’d been imagining getting her hands on his sexy body all afternoon. And what was more, she was a free agent, she could do what the hell she bloody well liked. There was no one to tell her what she should or shouldn’t be doing. No one to answer to. And had she ever had a wild night of no-commitment, no-strings sex?
So if a good way to pass a cold night on a windy mountain was sex, then she could—if she wanted to.
“Forget it.” He shrugged and glanced away. “I’m sorry, I just thought...”
“You just thought it might warm me up, help me get over my ex...”
“I guess.” He shuffled back to the wall and folded his arms.
“Give me some memories to take back to England.”
She stared at him. Even damp, his hair in rats’ tails, and his jawline stubbled, he was still the sexiest guy she’d seen in Africa. Hell, the sexiest guy she’d seen in a long time.
“Hey.” She knelt before him, between his legs again, but facing him this time. “I haven’t said no.”
“But you haven’t said yes, either. Forget it, it was a stupid idea.”
“No it wasn’t.” The JD had made her braver. “It might actually be our only chance of survival.”
“It might?” He raised his eyebrows.
“Yeah, we need to do something to stave off hypothermia, and as you said, sharing body heat is probably the most sensible thing we can do.” She pressed her palms to his cheeks, tipped forward and kissed him.
He pulled in a breath, his lips still for a moment, then he kissed her back with enthusiasm. His lips were soft. He tasted of the alcohol they’d shared and a little of something richer, masculine, delicious.
She sneaked her tongue forward and connected it with his.
He moaned and ran his fingers into her hair, held her steady as he took control and deepened the kiss.
Tia’s heart thudded. Lust raged around her system, her veins injected with desire. Levi was an expert kisser—so much better than Philip.
No, don’t think of Philip.
He tugged her hair band and the long strands fell loose. This seemed to please him and he combed his fingers through them, spreading them out.
Tia pulled back and smiled at him.
He stared into her eyes. “You have no idea, do you?”
“How damn sexy you are.”
She laughed. “I’m just me.”
“Just you is special.”
“Why?” She’d always thought of herself as fairly average. Thought herself lucky to bag a man like Philip and made the best of herself so she wouldn’t let him down.
“You forget,” Levi said. “I come from a land of fakeness. Everyone projects an image, the person they want everyone else to see.” He paused as a rumble of thunder rattled overhead. “Fake tits, tans, faces are just the start, the fake personalities, the jealousy that eats people up when they see others successful and happy. The constant need to look right, be in the right place with the right people...”
“Wow, why do you live there?”
He ran his hands down her back and pulled her closer. “It’s my home. It’s also home to several million other people, but not one of them is like you.” He kissed her again, lightly, then spoke onto her lips. “You’re real, a proper person.”
“I like to think so.”
“I don’t know you well, Tia, but I suspect there’s nothing fake about you.”
“I suppose not.” She held her breath as he dipped his hands beneath her fleece and pressed his palms to the bare skin on her back.

Back Cover Information

The week before her big day, Tia catches her fiancé getting down and dirty with her best friend. She quickly washes her hands of them both. But why waste a perfectly good and very expensive honeymoon to her dream spot--South Africa?

After bumping into the same cute guy three times in Cape Town, Tia's reminded she still has desires. Before long, they’re hiking over Table Mountain together, and getting to know each other. Levi is charming and funny, sexy and strong.

When trouble brews in the African sky, a wild storm leaves them stranded on the mountain as night falls. Levi's survival skills provides them with quick shelter as the storm rages above. But for Tia, another storm rages between her and her sexy saviour. Will he teach her to trust again? Or is there more to the hot American than meets the eye?


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