Monday, 11 July 2016

Masturbation Monday

With thanks to Kayla for another fabulous prompt for this week's Masturbation Monday. Here's a sample from ONE NIGHT IN CAPE TOWN - things are about to explode in Tia's  Waterfront Hotel.

Tia reached her room and opened the door.
The next thing she knew Levi had pressed up against her and harnessed her wrists to the wall. He kicked the door shut.
She gasped. “Levi.”
“Ever been so consumed, so desperate to get as close to someone as
possible?” he asked, his mouth almost touching hers.
“Yes.” She was breathing hard.
“Yes.” She pressed her lips to his.
Instantly he took control, kissing her wildly and leaning into her.
His cock was hard and nudging at her belly. His chest rising and falling, touching hers.
She struggled for breath. Her nipples tingled, and her pussy ached to feel him there again.
“Levi... stop...” she managed.
“Why?” He kissed across her cheek.
“I need a shower. Like really...”
He pulled back and stared down at her. His grip was still tight on her wrists.
“Yeah, hate to be a fusspot but... I think it would be more fun if I smelt a little sweeter.”
“Babe, you smell and taste like honey.”
She laughed. “Nice of you to say so.” She tugged her arms. “Come on... we could always pick up from here in the shower.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Now that, sexy lady, is a damn fine idea.” He released her and linked his hand with hers. “Come on then. Let’s get clean before we get dirty.”
She giggled and followed him.
As he stepped into the large, luxury bathroom, he peeled off his t-shirt.
Tia paused for a moment to admire his wide shoulders, his golden skin and the sprinkle of blond hair on his chest.
“This is a cool place,” he said, reaching into the shower cubicle and flicking on the water.
“Yes, I thought so. Not that I’ve had my money’s worth out of it.”
“That’s about to change.” He shoved at his jeans, pausing to kick aside his boots. “Get naked, babe.”
“Er, yes...” She’d gotten carried away watching him strip. It was a sight to see, all those acres of perfect flesh, rippling muscles and long, lean limbs. And damn, his cock, erect and thick... she was looking forward to getting up close and personal with it again.
She tugged at her fleece, dropped it to one side, then did the same with her t- shirt and bra.
He studied her, his eyes brimming with fire, then turned and stepped into the water. “Ah, heaven.” He lifted his face to the stream and smoothed his hands over his head.
Tia continued to admire him as she undid her boots and kicked them away. The water gave his skin a sleek shine and his hair darkened. His buttocks were a paler shade than the rest of him, the fine hairs on his legs flat now they were wet.
Quickly she lost her jeans and underwear and stepped in beside him.
The water was gloriously hot, the steam warming her throat as she breathed in.
“Mmm, this is much better,” he said, pulling her close and rubbing his hands down her back to her arse. “Don’t you think?”
“Yes.” She reached for a bottle of complimentary shower gel and squirted it between them so it basted their chests. It was fragranced with lavender.
“You want me to smell like a girl?” he asked, grinning.
“Better than the baboon scent that’s going on.”
“Hey, I do not smell like a baboon.” He laughed and gave her arse a slap.
“Ow.” She giggled and writhed from his grip. “I’ll have a hand print there now.”
“That’s the idea, to remind you that, for this morning at least, you’re mine.”
She pulled in a breath and rubbed the suds over her body. She didn’t like to think of how little time they had together.
He quickly washed, his attention following her hands as she rubbed suds over herself.
She pushed negative thoughts from her head. They had to make the most of it, as he’d said. Create memories that would last a lifetime.
Once again, she looked at his cock. A few suds of shower gel sat in his pubic hair. “You ever had a blowjob from an English girl?” “Never.”
“Well, we’d best change that.” She licked her top lip then sank to her knees. “Ah, fuck,” he said, running his hands into her hair. “Really?”
“Yes, really.” She took hold of his cock and squeezed gently.
He hissed in a breath.
With her free hand, she cupped his balls and massaged them with her palm.
He leaned backward, against the wall, and widened his stance. “Never had much stamina for this,” he said, “and you... well you’ve got me tied up in knots as it is.”
“I think you’re hard for me. No knots from where I’m sitting.” She leaned forward and swiped her tongue over his slit. Despite the tang of shower gel, she could still taste the faint saltiness of pre-cum.
He tightened his grip on her hair.
Slowly, almost teasingly, she worked his cock, base to tip and back down again. He was so hard and hot, his flesh like velvet over steel, with a few dips and rises where thick veins lurked beneath the surface.
The need to taste him, to feel him in her mouth, became overwhelming. She opened wide and took the first third of him in.
“Ahh, babe... fuck...” he said, his voice strained. “That feels awesome.”
If he thought that felt good, then he was going to love this next bit. She sank lower, curling her tongue around his shaft, until he was good and deep.
“Mmm...” he moaned. “Oh, God.”
She pulled back; sank down again. Soon she was in a good steady pace. He was still, and though his hands in her hair were tight, he didn’t keep her captive. She rolled his balls; they were packing up into his body. More pre-cum wept from him. He was getting ready to climax, she was sure of it.
Pressing her free hand against the rise of his hip, she took him deeper, until the tip of his glans was as low as she could take it without gagging.
She’d never thought she would suck another man’s cock. It had been Philip for so long. But now here she was, with Levi, and it was bloody brilliant. She knew he was enjoying it. The sounds he was making, gasps and moans, and the thickness of his dick told her that.
“Ahh, fuck, I’m going to come,” he said, his body trembling. “Tia, if you don’t want...”
She knew what he wanted to say but hadn’t finished. If she didn’t want him to come in her mouth, then now was the time to finish up.
But she did. Wasn’t that the point of a blowjob? It was for her, anyway. She wanted to own, claim his pleasure, know that it was her that had created the orgasm he was experiencing.
She upped the pace, sucking slightly to create tension in her mouth.
“Oh fuck, too... damn... good...” He groaned, long and low.
A spurt of semen shot from his cock. She swallowed it down, loving how his shaft pulsed gently in her mouth and the way his balls had all but disappeared into his body.
“Ahh, yeah...”
Another burst of pleasure.
She moaned, the sound vibrating against him. She was horny, turned on.
Feeling Levi come had made her pussy quiver. Hearing his appreciation, tasting him—it was incredible.
“Jeez,” he said, releasing her hair. He put his hands beneath her arms and forced her to release him.
He dragged her up, folded her against him and stared down at her. “You’ve just ruined me for all other women. That’s it... English girls only from now on.”

Back Cover Information

The week before her big day, Tia catches her fiancé getting down and dirty with her best friend. She quickly washes her hands of them both. But why waste a perfectly good and very expensive honeymoon to her dream spot--South Africa?

After bumping into the same cute guy three times in Cape Town, Tia's reminded she still has desires. Before long, they’re hiking over Table Mountain together, and getting to know each other. Levi is charming and funny, sexy and strong.

When trouble brews in the African sky, a wild storm leaves them stranded on the mountain as night falls. Levi's survival skills provides them with quick shelter as the storm rages above. But for Tia, another storm rages between her and her sexy saviour. Will he teach her to trust again? Or is there more to the hot American than meets the eye?



  1. Rawr. Getting the smell of "baboon" off of you makes for some sexy fun times, that's for sure. :)