Monday, 4 April 2016

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday - this week a snippet from my new menage a trois novel DESK JOB.

“Oh my God,” Tristan said, raising his head and capturing my cheeks.
“That was...” I was breathless as I stared up at him.
“Fucking hot,” Andre said, appearing at my side.
“Yeah ... I’ll second that.” Tristan kissed my forehead with a long, lingering press of his lips.
Unhooking my legs from around him, I let them hang from the table.
Tristan stepped back and as he did so, slid his cock from me. I pressed my legs together.
“I hope we didn’t disturb the neighbors too much,” I said, thinking of the noise against the wall.
“Baby, the neighbors will know both of our names by the time we’ve finished with you,” Andre said.
I giggled then drew in a deep breath. “Phew, that was energetic.”
“I’m sorry, was it too much?” Tristan asked. “I don’t know what came over me, I guess I’ve just been having seriously sexy thoughts about you. I—”
“Shh.” I pressed my fingers over his lips. “There’s nothing wrong with passion. Please don’t apologize. And besides, I told you I could handle it.”
He rubbed his palm up my thigh. “You’re amazing, you know that.”
“I’m not really, but I don’t mind you saying it.” I smiled.
“You are amazing, and you’ve got too much on.” Andre reached for the top button of my blouse. He carefully undid it, then the next and the next until it hung open and exposed my white lace bra.
“Pretty,” Andre said then swept his tongue over his bottom lip.
“Shame it has to come off.” Tristan reached for the front clasp, twisted and released it.
As he took the bra away, my breasts hung heavy, my nipples brushing the silky material of my blouse.
“And this,” Andre said, gently pushing the blouse out of the way. “Off, we need you naked.”
As it slipped down my back and pooled around my ass on the table, the cool air washed over me. I was sitting naked in front of my two hot bosses, my pussy was still quivering after an intense orgasm and I wanted more. I wanted whatever it was they wanted to give me.
Fuck, this is making up for the drought in my sex life.
“You have the best tits ever,” Tristan said, staring at my chest. “Give me strength.”
Andre smiled and circled my right nipple with his finger.
I sighed and fluttered my eyes shut as it tightened beneath his touch.
“So sensitive,” Andre said quietly. “And responsive,” Tristan added.
My left nipple heated.
I opened my eyes.
Tristan was sucking on my nipple, his tongue rolling against it.
“Mmm...” I said, resting my hand on his hair. He could do that all damn day.
Andre hooked his finger beneath my chin and kissed me.
I clung to his shoulder and allowed his sweet sexy flavor to fill my mouth.
“I want you,” he murmured, pulling back.
“So have me.”
“Oh I will, don’t you worry.” He gave me a sinful smile then stooped. He took my right nipple into his mouth and sucked gently. “Oh God,” I gasped, staring at the top of his head.
A bolt of lust went straight to my clit. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought of this scenario. Having my breasts caressed and my nipples teased by two gorgeous men at the same time.
My clit trembled and my pussy tensed around nothing. I’d just orgasmed but the thought of another was very appealing. These guys had better deliver what they’d promised.

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  1. Gawd, I do love a good threesome story. Rawr.