Friday, 7 August 2015

Eroticon 2015

Eroticon happened last weekend and naturally a few of us Brit Babes headed off to Bristol to join in the fun. I was lucky enough to be one of them and my partner in wine and crime was the wonderful Kd Grace.

As always the event was packed with incredibly workshops and filled with fascinating people. I adore being able to chat erotica/erotic romance from dawn till dusk with other authorly types. It's so good for my soul.

Kd helped kick off the event by joining in the panel which was discussing the state of the genre after 'that' book. Here she is being brilliant along with Remittance GirlMK Elliot and Zak Jane Keir. The funniest moment being when Zak's top caught on the tac holding the tablecloth and she yelped "I've just stuck my tit to the table" then it was back to intense and serious discussion... of course!

The morning then became a whirlwind of picking and choosing which workshops and luckily we were kept well provided with plenty of tea and biscuits and even our own mug!

After lunch Kd and I ran our own workshop 'Crafting Creativity'. We had an inspiring bunch of attendees and kept the whole thing very relaxed. We used one of our favourite Dr Seuss quotes (yes, really) "The writer who uses more words than he needs makes a chore for the reader who reads". This kick started a talk on writing tight and how to avoid errors in those all important first few pages and what makes a book a page turner. 

Feeling high at the end of the afternoon, and with our workshop completed, we headed off to what has become a favourite haunt in Bristol - Molloy's. We were soon joined by other authors in need of lubrication including MK Elliot and F Leonora Solomon (who'd travelled all the way from the US to join in the Eroticon fun).

A quick change and a hydrating cup of tea and it was off to dinner at a sizzling Cuban restaurant on Bristol's harbour front. Plenty of food, wine and wonderful chatter, we were even entertained by beautiful dancers.

After a late night and an early start the next day of informative fun began. I adored the photography session by Molly Moore and feel inspired to dust off my camera. Learning about internet security was a great one for me as I'm not the most technical person in the world. All in all a wonderful weekend with so much information to process (including Dirty Smurfing, thanks Ashely Lister for that one LOL). I've come away full of inspiration and with the urge to sit and write, write, write.

A million thanks to Ruth for organising another brilliant event and to Kd Grace and MK Elliot for making the weekend so utterly memorable and special. And I also have to mention that it was wonderful to meet Brit Babes Street Team member, Helen. So cool to be able to put faces to all the names I see on the word wide web!

Lily x

Kd Grace and MK Elliott outside Armada House and getting ready to head home.

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