Saturday, 5 July 2014

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, here are few from Cold Nights, Hot Bodies, which features Ashley a timid bookworm heroine who turns into the star of her own novel with the help of hunky Shane Galloway!

I sat motionless, just staring at the big bulge tenting his navy cotton boxers.
“You okay?” he asked, stilling in front of me.
Clearing my throat, I looked up his long, lean body shrouded in shadows from the one low lamp in the room. His abdominal muscles were faintly defined, his pectoral muscles square and his nipples small, dark discs. “Yes, I’m fine.”
He stepped closer. His groin came level to my face and the heady scent of his skin radiated toward me.
Desperate to touch him, I traced the line of fine silky hair that led from his navel to the waistband of his boxers.
He tensed.
I glanced up at his face. “Can I?” I asked.
The corner of one side of his mouth twitched. “Be my guest.”

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies is available in ebook and paperback and available from all good retailers including Ellora's Cave, Amazon, Amazon UK and ARe. (currently on sale at ARe only 74c!)


  1. A lovely invitation, indeed!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful snippet! Love to see more.