Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Hello Spankers! Welcome to another week of happy slappy!  Today I'm sharing a few from Pain and Pleasure which is the second book in the Bit of Strange Trilogy - all three novellas are now available from all good ebook retailers - details on the Totally Bound store or check out Harlem Dae on Amazon/ Amazon UK

“Oh, yeah,” he breathed into my ear. “Perfect, just as I’d dreamed of seeing you. Fuck, that’s what almost made me come at work, thinking of you like this. Caged, owned by my chain, at my mercy. Fucking hell, Isabella, you’re so damn good at this, why do you deny it?”
“Deny what?” I panted.
“That you are a sub. Jesus, look at you. Could you be any more controlled, subservient, compliant to my demands?”
“I just want you to fuck me,” I said, a sob bubbling up as I let my head hang low. “Please, fuck me, hard, while my tits are like this, please.”
“Please what?” He ran his hands down my back, drifted them over my arse then up my front, my stomach, my ribs, around to my shoulders. “Please, what?” He gave my right buttock a stinging slap.

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  1. Goodness he doesn't hold back on calling her on liking it.

  2. Steamy excerpt! She better stop denying it soon!