Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Snog

Welcome to a perfect Sunday for Snogging! Here's a hot moment from Scored, my sexy soccer novel!

“Dance with me,” he said onto my lips. “Forget about all of the craziness. It’s just us in here, no one else. Nothing else.”
He began to sway and I became aware of the violin music on the TV. It was a lovely gentle tune that wrapped around us, became part of us, and my body moved instinctually in time with it, in time with Lewis.
“You even smell pretty,” he whispered.
“Thank you. So do you, well…” I giggled. “Not pretty, manly I suppose.”
“I’m glad you clarified that.”
For a few moments we just held each other and moved slowly to the music. I was hyperaware of every section of my body that was touching his, from my chest right down to our toes that knocked occasionally.
“I was worried,” he said, pulling back slightly. “After I kissed you in the elevator.”
“That you’d be angry with me.”
“Erm, no. Actually, I liked it, very much.”
“Me too.” His mouth twitched into a half smile. “But I hadn’t asked you. I just did it. I don’t know what came over me. It was like you’d put a spell on me or something.”
I grinned. “I’m glad whatever spell was cast worked.”
His face was so close our breaths were mingling.
“Does that mean I can do it again?” he asked.
Yes, please.
“I think we just established that you don’t need to ask.”
He stopped our gentle dance, paused for a second, then rested his lips over mine. His mouth was barely parted and his damp tongue just warmed the center of my bottom lip.
I pressed myself to him. Touched the tip of my tongue to his and allowed myself to get lost in the deliciousness of his flavor and the way he was squeezing me tight. His arms were solid around me and I could feel the power harnessed within his muscles. He was so strong yet so gentle. It was an intoxicating combination that hit all the right buttons in me.
Quickly the kiss intensified, not so that it became fast and frantic, just deep and soul-searching. I adored how he played with my tongue and explored my mouth. I gave as good as I got, drinking him up, catching my breaths when I could.
Tangling my fingers in his hair, I pulled him closer. Delighted in the sudden zap of sensation that seared up my spine when he ran his hands down my back and cupped my buttocks. I had no choice but to give in to the heat and longing building within me. My pussy was damp and my skin greedy for every caress. Sex was taking over all my thoughts.
He lifted me by my bum cheeks, onto my toes and trapped me tight against his body. I gasped into his mouth as the steely length of his erection prodded my abdomen.
“Ah, honey, you’re driving me nuts,” he murmured, then kissed me again—eagerly, hungrily, as though he might never stop.
If I’d thought I was turned on before, I was sorely mistaken, because now lust flowed in my veins like lava spewing from a volcano. Nothing could stop it. I had to get acquainted with the damn fine specimen of a cock that was jutting eagerly at my belly. A nuclear bomb could detonate outside the hotel and I wouldn’t notice. Lewis Tate was hard, for me. Life had never been so good.
I slid my hand down between our bodies and squeezed his shaft through his jeans, firm and confident, then gave a small upward stroke that was a promise of what was to come.
He groaned into my mouth. “That feels so good but I want to touch you too.”
“Touch away.” I was pressing and stroking his cock now. Loving how it felt so rock-solid beneath the denim as though bursting to be free.
He released my buttocks, found the zipper at the top of my dress and whizzed it open.
I was aware of the material loosening then falling away as he smoothed the straps over my shoulders and down my arms.
“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, casting his gaze over my body.
I was forced to move my attentions from his cock as he slipped the dress off me completely and let it puddle on the floor at my feet. The air was cool stroking my skin, but I was glad of it. I was on fire and the flames needed tending to—now.
“Lewis, I—” I reached for him again.
“Wait.” He held me at arm’s length, his eyelids heavy and his lips parted. “Let me look at you. You just about blew my mind down at the pool the other day. Not grabbing you and making you mine was nothing short of torture.” He tightened his grip on my shoulders. “That would have made quite a spectacle of in front of the guys, though.”
“Yes, it certainly would have.” I couldn’t help but eye the impressive bulge at his groin. I was itching to get a hold of him again.
“Don’t throw the white bikini away, will you?” he said.
“Why not? It’s useless.”
“It’s perfect, but just not for wearing in public.” He pulled me close and the sensation of his clothes scratching against my bare flesh was divine.
“Well that’s the only time I swim, in public. I don’t have a private pool, you know.”
“I have.”
Of course he did. Duh.
“And if we go for a swim together in private, I’m going to insist you wear that bikini.”
“Oh, will you now.” My breasts were engorged with longing and my nipples tight little twists that ached for stimulation.
“Yeah, because next time I see you in that bikini I’m not going to be able to stop myself from attending to the raging hard-on it gives me.” He scooped my breast into his hand, caught my nipple between his fingers and tugged slightly.
I watched, fascinated, and let pleasure wash through me. “Is that so?”
“You’d better believe it.” He caught my mouth in a sudden ravenous kiss. I clung to his shoulders, bowled over by determination that had apparently robbed him of patience.
Which was good, because my patience was all used up too.
I was practically naked.
He soon would be.
Then we would fuck.
It was the only thing that could happen next. My sanity depended upon it.

* * * *
I hope you enjoyed that steamy moment, if you'd like a copy of Scored it's available only on Amazon (Amazon UK). And if you like pretty pictures of hunky soccer players, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to their hotness!

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