Saturday, 16 November 2013

Saturday Spankings

A huge welcome, as always, to Saturday Spankings! Here's a deft thwack from High-Sticked, the m/m book in my Hot Ice series (like all the books about these bad boys of the Vipers hockey team High-Sticked can be enjoyed as a standalone read). There isn't loads of spanking in this novel but these guys do play as hard off the ice as they do on it!

He set a fast pace. I pushed back for more as he gave it to me hard and good. Soon I was getting ready to explode and release my desire, my lust. My breaths were ragged, my cock filled to full hardness and the pressure in my balls was almost painful.
“I’m coming,” Todd shouted, straightening and slapping my butt again. “Come with me. Oh, please, Matthew, come with me.”
It was a good hard whack, and when combined with the lusty desperation in his voice, my climax detonated. “Yes, yes, yes,” I shouted. I didn’t bother keeping quiet like I had the night before, now I let my pleasure rip from my lungs.


  1. ooo I absolutely adore it, Lily. I love the spanking just before the orgasm :)

  2. So very, very hot. Love the part about giving the orgasm full voice!

  3. You write like you've experienced this... perfect.

  4. Hot and sensual scene. I especially like that he needs to vent his need vocally while he comes. Very nice.

  5. I love the title of this book and this was one hot scene. Nice job!