Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa

A big welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Another 8 from my latest m/m release, High-Sticked...

One thing was for sure, my boyfriend was a cool customer whether he was skating his hot ass off and scoring points or showing a room full of tough and rough guys exactly who he was.
He’d handled the situation in the players’ lounge the same way he would have approached a problem on the ice. With guts, determination and well-rehearsed precision to every move, word and gesture. He didn’t make a scene when faced with an opponent, just carried on with what he was doing, his mind on the result.
I glanced at him and saw that muscle still twitching in his cheek. His fists were clenched and his bulk looked primed—ready for fight rather than flight.
His teammates had been right not to push him even though Zhirov looked as though he was about to. Something told me if they had, Todd might just have shown a not-so-gentle side of himself.

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  1. Very intense, loved the description of the hero, still ready to fight if needed - excellent excerpt!

  2. Great characterisation there.

  3. Very nice description of the boyfriend, we can see that's the narrator has feelings for him and knows him well. It makes the scene quite interesting.