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Nancy Adams is here!!!

Hello lovely Nancy, I am so excited that you've dropped by to chat about writing and your new book.

No Matter When sounds great and I can't wait to lose myself in Gabe and Lilly's world. But before I do that, tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live? Kids? Hubby? Pets? 

Hey Lily! At the moment, I am living just outside Ottawa, with my adoring husband and perfect kids. **giggle** 

Not buying it eh? Okay how about, my husband - who thankfully has enough patience to put up with my nutty ideas - and my crazy, but wonderfully affectionate kids. Oh and we have two, very large, lap dogs adding to the daily madness. 

The Beast. He likes hanging out in the multi-purpose workspace, Aka: mum’s office, dad’s office, classroom and game room. 

Any guilty pleasures? Come on, you know you want to tell us...

I suppose the girly thing to say is that I’m addicted to buying shoes or that I can’t get enough chocolate. But honestly, I love shopping for bed sheets. The higher the thread the count, the happier I am. Clean sheet day, is my favorite day of the week! lol 

My other guilty pleasure is watching army macho stuff. Anything with SAS, SBS, Marines - Royal or otherwise, Navy SEAL teams (or they can be alone, I don’t discriminate), tankers, and infantry. There is something about a solider…yum! 

                                                      From TV series Strike Back

                                                  One of my all time Favourite Photos 

I adore that picture too. 

Come on, dish the dirt on that bag of Harlequin Books your grandmother gave you. 

LOL! My Grandma gave me that bag of books when I was sixteen or seventeen; my great-aunt passed those books on to her because quite a few were in LARGE print. While visiting one day, Gram showed me the bag and asked me if I wanted it. I said yes. I never turned anything down that Gram offered me before, of course, they were usually her chocolate chip cookies, but hey her cookies were awesome, so how bad could a bag of books be! Anyways, I remember looking through the bag once I got home and thought to myself, there is not one single John Saul, or Dean Koontz in this entire bag. (I was reading weird and scary at the time, romance hadn’t caught my eye yet.) Then one night I was bored and began flipping though one of the books. Surprisingly enough, I happen to open it to a * cough* sex scene and I was hooked. After I finished the bag, my mum past them on to a friend or cousin, but I made sure I pulled out my favourite books. I still have them today. What genre was your favourite? I’m really not sure what genre that bag of books were, mixed I suppose. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention, I was too busy reading all the juicy bits. Now I read any genre, but I do prefer that element of romance woven into the story.

What is No Matter When about? 

No Matter When is an erotic, time travel romance about Lilly Marten and Gabe Sutherland, who were ‘shifted’ seconds before their deaths and meet in 1503 Medieval England. Lilly is a medieval history student from 2012 who has a photographic memory, who has separated herself from the world because of her amazing talent. 

Captain Gabriel Sutherland is a genetically enhanced soldier from 2079, who - because of his position in the military - has been denied the right to have any type of relationship, no family, no spouse, not even a lover. Along for the ride is another soldier from the future, a kid genius from the ‘80’s and a doctor from the ‘40’s. All of which have been ‘shifted’ seconds before they were about to die.

The story focuses on the developing relationship between Lilly and Gabe, as the groups learns, for reasons unknown, an advance military force has targeted Queen Margaret for assassination. Forced together by a common goal, Gabe and Lilly must not only deal with the attacks from an outside force but they must also face their strong and sometimes overpowering attraction for one another.

Here’s a copy of the jacket blurb.

Standing on the battlements of a 16th century Keep was the last place Gabriel Sutherland should be. Then again, being ‘shifted’ to 1503 seconds before a rocket blew his ass to bits wasn’t something he had envisioned either. Still, he was surviving the only way he knew how, as a soldier.

Then Lilly arrived. Sweet, innocent Lilly. For a genetically superior soldier whose life had entailed of nothing but serving King and country, the arrival of Lilly proves too much for Gabe to ignore. For the first time in his life, Gabe can have a woman of his own and Lilly is the one.

Lilly Marten lives alone, her quiet life the result of a highly sensitive photographic memory. That changed when she arrived in the year 1503 seconds before Toronto’s popular C.N Tower came crashing down on top of her. Now she was never alone. Gabe was always near. With his unbelievably perfect features and intense green eyes, he is not a man easily ignored. Yet, uncertainty about her new life leaves Lilly with no choice but to put faith in a man she fears and whose strong physical presence causes her to desire more than just his trust.

OMG! Awesome stuff. Tell me about your inspiration for this series?

I love history, so that probably had a little to do with my idea. But honestly, I didn’t have any inspiration for the series. It was just an idea the came to me about a girl from present day Toronto that travels back to the 1500’s and falls in love with a Lord. The rest just fell into place as the idea came into focus and it transformed into No Matter When.

Have you travelled to the places in your books? 

Yes. I was born and raised in Toronto, and thanks to my father being English and my husband being in the military, I have been fortunate enough to travel to the UK to visit family. As well as to Europe, and I’ve crossed Canada several times.  

Long Beach Vancouver Island and British Colombia Red Sands of Alberton, Prince Edward Island 

What's coming next for you?

A paranormal romance titled The Soul Within. Alex ‘Ace Hunter is a deliciously dark but hunky soldier who, while in a coma, his soul has separated from his body.

Meet Evening Sinclair, a feisty physiotherapist, who not only can heal the body and soul, but has the ability to merge souls back into their bodies.

There is also a mixture of lippy ghosts and angels, creep dead souls and a heavy dose of naughty scenes, plus a great bad guy. Gotta love that bad guy!

I am loving your soldier themes *sigh*. But how does your family feel about your erotic romances?

My husband loves it thinks its great. My kidlets (8 and 6), cheer on my word count and think my stories are all about kissing which is just find with me. My brother tells people that I write ‘chic porn’ and my dad, well he just smiles and either says, “That’s my girl.” Or “You get that talent from me.”

But the best was my mum. She was helping me with my latest MS, you know helping polish things up before I submitted it. Anyways, she was reading a line and the last word of the sentence was cock, which she followed with a startled “Oh!”, then began giggling her butt off. I of course had no choice but to laugh as well. Afterwards she said, “I can’t believe my daughter knows so much about sex.” It was cute.

LOL! Brilliant mum reaction.
Where can fans find you? (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

I would love to hear from fans! I can be reached at and I have a page on Face book under Nancy Adams.

No website or blog yet, but I‘ve got my fingers cross for the near future.

Can you treat us to an excerpt from your new release?

Of course! Here it is, a naughty scene for your reading pleasure.

Giving her an evil grin, he pulled her back, his mouth sealing roughly over hers. She parted her lips automatically, and with an arrogant grunt he slid his tongue smoothly into her mouth. She had never felt anything like the way she felt when Gabe slid his tongue into her mouth. The sudden nervous flutter in her stomach was being quickly replaced by something hot and needy. It was as if her entire body was in some drug-induced state of euphoria. Every nerve, every muscle seemed to come to life, craving more of him. The sensation was new and confusing. It felt like she was losing control, but what he was doing to her felt so good, so right. She fought to keep her fears at bay and, following his lead, she gently, without hesitation, stroked his tongue with her own.

Gabe’s low groan gave her the courage to continue and she leaned in to him, deepening the kiss. His hands fell away from her face to grip her waist. She felt a brief tug at her gown and he lifted her without any effort and had her straddling his crossed legs. He closed his arms around her and pinned her against his muscled chest. The heat from his chest seeped into her breasts, causing her nipples to become tight and sensitive. He ran his hands down her back to her bottom, where he gripped almost painfully, pulling her damp centre tight against his hard length, his mouth hard, demanding.

At that moment, she became acutely aware of where his hands were—that they were sliding along her bare legs, under her dress, to her bare behind. Oh, God. She gripped at his shoulders, her body rigid. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her face flushed. She had been washing them nightly so she could wear them the next day—a nightly chore she had already completed.

He squeezed naked flesh this time, grinding his swollen cock against her wet mound. The rough texture of his breeches caused her hips to jerk in response. She felt both exposed and wanton, confused whether she should stop or just let the warmth of Gabe’s mouth and hands take her away. Then the decision was made for her as she felt Gabe’s finger brush along her inner thigh. A nervous flutter swirled in her stomach as her skin flared with expectant heat, her breasts swelling, hot and heavy. Slowly, he stroked her, teased the achy heat pooling in her core, and when he eased a finger deep and her body clamped down, something between a sigh and a moan escaped before she could stop it.

“Jesus, you’re wet,” Gabe breathed against her mouth, inhaling deeply, moving his finger in slow strokes. “I need to know right now if you want this.” When she failed to respond quickly enough, he removed his finger and clamped his hands around her waist, demanding, “I’m getting mixed signals, Lilly. Tell me if you want this.” His voice was low, with a rough edge.

Opening her eyes, Lilly felt the sensual haze lift and she tensed, staring at Gabe’s face. A sinful mask was playing with the shadows of his face. He looked dark, almost to the point of being dangerous.

“Don’t do that.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he pulled her close. His lips brushed her ear. “Lilly, please. How many times do I have to ask you not to be afraid of me?” The warmth of his breath brushed her cheek.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you looked…” She was lost for words.

He pulled back, asking, “Hungry?”

She swallowed. Was that what it was? Hunger? Was he hungry for her?

“I want you, Lilly.” His strong hand squeezed her waist, making her feel small and vulnerable. “I want to hold you, to touch you, to kiss you. I want to look at your body when you’re hot and wet and ready for me. I want to lay you down and do things to you…your body…that you have never imagined.” He pulled her close, buried his face in her hair. “You want me, too.” His breath warmed her neck. “But I can’t, not like this, not when you are scared and confused.”

Phew, hot stuff. Thanks so much for stopping by and do come visit again. Good luck with all your new projects.

Lily x

5 * Reviews for No Matter When

No Matter When
Reviewed by R.A. Macaulay
'No Matter When' is an excellent time-travel novel that offers history, mystery and a steamy romance between two very well written characters; Gabe and Lilly. Ms.Adams has a flair for sexy, sensuous romance and this novel is a great start to a much anticipated series. Next book, please!!

 No Matter When
Reviewed by Kim Buchanan from Canada
A MUST READ! Wonderfully written... I couldnt stop reading! I cant wait to read the next book in "The Out of Time" Series.

Night Owl Reviews

The author has woven a tale that gives a unique take on time-travel stories. She keeps you guessing at what going to happen between Gabriel and Lilly until the end. Some scenes in the book will have you wishing for a fan or an ice cube to cool off with they are so steamy.

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