Monday, 14 November 2011

Slap Shot review

I am thrilled to announce that Slap Shot has had yet another great review.

Here is what the Whipped Cream reviewer had to say...

Rick “Ramrod” Lewis seems to have it all. Expensive car, big house, an exciting career as the captain of the Orlando Vipers hockey team, and even a crazed stalker-fan who’s been sending him ‘love notes’ after a one-night stand mistake. Unfortunately, none of it means as much anymore since he doesn’t have anyone to share it with. The unfulfilled feeling makes all of the materials things he possesses feel a bit lacking, but all of that changes the day he meets a most organized, unadventurous, and beautiful woman wearing fire-engine red heels.

She resists his charme, and he can't resist the challenge. It is too tempting to resist and before long it becomes his mission to see that the infuriating woman become the “wild thing” he believes her to be. It soon becomes apparent to Rick that the cold shoulder she tries to throw his way is just a front of self-protection, which makes him even more determined to know the woman who has bewitched him and then to win her heart.

For Dana Wilcox, event organizer and owner of Best Laid Plans, two years of sexual abstinence and swearing off men is about to go flying out the window. She knows her priorities and getting caught up in the sexually charged firestorm that is Rick is not one of the them But with fate constantly throwing them together, keeping her priorities in check proves harder than expected. The “old” Dana wouldn't have thought twice at jumping on the sexy captain, but the “new” Dana is afraid of unleashing her, even for just one night, and unraveling all the hard work she's put into her image and business.

Dana's experienced past with absent parents and the “seedy nocturnal world” ended one morning with a rude awakening of sorts and since then she hasn't looked back. She may not be proud of some of things she had to do to get there, but she is proud of what she has accomplished. Even her taste in men had changed. The plan was to find “Mr. Absolutely Spot-on Perfect” later in life, yet the persistent guy wanting to try out for the role is anything but and yet everything she needs. However, someone has been watching their every move and is determined to make sure that the threat is eliminated.

With a mixture of emotionally enriched characters and sexual chemistry, this surprisingly suspenseful story takes flight right from the start and will capture the attention of any romance reader. Ms. Harlem never fails to instill vividly intense sex scenes into her stories and this one is no exception with an incredibly heated spin to an unplanned pole dancing session. The character and relationship developments were a pleasure to read and very well done and I really enjoyed the updates on the first two couples from earlier in the series as well. Now I'm even more excited to continue exploring more of the alpha men from the Orlando Vipers team and the women who tame them, but Slap Shot will definitely be staying on re-read shelf. To any erotic romance reader who hasn't read a Lily Harlem story, here is a great place to start.

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