Friday, 25 November 2011

I Am The Wind by Sarah Masters

I've just finished this awesome little book. Its a darkly satisfying M/M and certainly deserves its place as top seller of the week at ARe. Go grab a copy and enjoy...

Two men who have secrets from the past just can’t let them go—until they meet one another.

Two men, both mistrusting adults who have secrets they’d rather not share. After a drunken night out, Christian goes back to Alfie’s house for sex, the thought never crossing his mind that Alfie will hold him hostage in his cellar. As weeks pass, Christian would never have thought he’d come to care for Alfie either—but he does, and although he can’t explain how he feels, it doesn’t much matter. There’s no one out there to miss him anyway.

Alfie has his reasons for keeping Christian tied up, and they are heartbreaking. He’s had a terrible past, one no child should ever live, and the morning after the night he took Christian home, he snapped. He couldn’t bear for yet another person to leave him and, knowing what he was about to do was wrong, he did it anyway.

Despite their harrowing pasts, the two men form a bond and together discover that there is a way to trust—finally.

Lily x

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