Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hot off the press today is Nicole Austin's fabulous new release TAKEN.


A sequel to the free Naughty Nooner, Erotique.

Bound, gagged, blindfolded—Danielle has been taken.

Under the skillful hands of an anonymous stranger, the lines between fear and anticipation, reality and fantasy, anguish and carnal tension are blurred. The thin edge separating pleasure and pain has distorted, reshaping into something that confuses Dani while simultaneously stimulating the scorching demands of her body.
Forced pleasure may bring sexual freedom, but the violent lust Dani craves comes with a hefty price that may be more than her husband is able or willing to satisfy.

This story contains a whole lot of fantasy about and a little reality involving forced sex.

An Excerpt From: TAKEN
Copyright © NICOLE AUSTIN, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

 “Be a good girl, do as I say, and I’ll make it good for you.”
Dani took stock. She didn’t know that deep, rumbling voice. Didn’t recognize the woodsy cologne combined with his decidedly masculine scent. Wasn’t familiar with the touch of those large, work-roughened hands.
She shivered as the lines between fear and anticipation, reality and fantasy, anguish and sexual tension all blurred. There was only now and her stranger who was going to rock her world.
A cold, thin, pointed object pressed against the hollow of her throat, drawing Dani’s full attention back to him. “Don’t move, blondie,” he ordered. “Wouldn’t want to slip and cut your soft skin.”
The icy blade of a knife slid down her sternum, passed through her cleavage and continued to her navel as he sliced open her scrub top and bra. That had to be one hell of a sharp knife.
Not wanting to be cut, Dani forced down the powerful urge to arch her back, thrust her breasts into the light caress. With the slow glide of the blade over her sensitive skin, everything else faded away. There was only her body and the chilling touch that rolled her beneath sensual waves of desire.
He didn’t pause to part the material, instead continuing his downward stroke, sliding beneath the edge of both pants and panties, moving at an angle from navel to her right hip. After repositioning the knife, he repeated the action at her left side.
Grasping the ruined garments, he pulled them apart, tearing the remaining cloth to expose first her breasts and then her pussy. He sucked in a hard breath as cool night air swept over her bared flesh, pebbling her areolas and elongating her nipples. She knew the view he was treated to, as the stimulation would’ve turned the rosy peaks a dark shade of red.
“Now that’s a pretty sight. Perky, responsive nipples and a shaved, pink pussy that’s all nice and wet. You’ll fetch a fortune at auction.”
Dani’s chest tightened and her heart thudded against her ribs. What the hell was he talking about? Human trafficking? Sex slaves? People weren’t auctioned. Not in this day and age in Western Europe. Maybe decades ago in someplace like Thailand or an Arabic nation. But she was safe from such horrors in France, right?
Of course, she wasn’t naïve to the horrors of this world. No one was truly out of harm’s way anywhere. Horrible people wrought atrocities on unsuspecting innocents every day.
The sobering thought nearly pushed her into a full-out fight or flight response, but then his fingertips closed on her nipples, rough and demanding. They pinched, rolled and tugged the sensitive nubs, creating jolts of erotic pleasure-pain that followed a network of nerve endings straight to her engorged clitoris. Regardless of what was going on in her mind, her body responded to the stimulation.
Dani arched, the gag failing to suppress her moan. Hoping not to draw attention to her actions, she shifted one thigh against the other, her motions limited by the ankle restraints. Dark laughter let her know her captor hadn’t missed the telltale movement.
“Ah. So you enjoy the bite of pain with your pleasure, blondie. Good to know.” Skilled fingers teased her skin with light touches that made her yearn for more. “One of the perks of my job in procurement is that I get to sample the merchandise before it goes on the auction block. Test out the wares, so to speak. Damn, blondie. I can’t wait to shove my cock past these pouty lips.”
Something brushed over her top lip, which tingled, yearning for more. If he were planning to fuck her mouth, he’d have to take out the gag first. Then she’d have a chance to turn the tables, use her teeth—
“I know what you’re thinking.” The sharp point of the knife pressed into the tender skin just below her right ear, traced a line down her neck and over to the opposite ear, the implied threat unmistakable. “Don’t forget that I am in control. You use those teeth and your punishment will be severe.”

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