Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Thanks to everyone who voted for Mattress Music over the weekend - it won Book of the Week at Whipped Cream Reviews

Here's what the reviewer said

It seems Nina has lost her ability to experience an orgasm -- is that possible and will Ian change things for her?

I rated this story high for its uniqueness, especially in its opening scene. Nina loves sex but her roommates don’t like the noise she makes in their shared living area so she’s resorted to playing music and turning the volume up. Problem is, the lyrics are playing out in her head and it’s putting her off of sex. Her bed partner, Ian is not only a hunk but as the story unfolds, comes across as a guy who is really nice and doesn’t want just a one night stand with Nina.

The story has some humor in it which is always a nice addition to any story. It’s set in London and you get to experience the sound and sights of the city which I think added a nice element Mattress Music. There’s a great twist to this story which I can’t give away but it makes you realize just how lucky Nina is to have met this guy.

Pacing was good and the dialogue very natural sounding. This is a short story that can be read when you have an extra thirty minutes or so. It’s hot, sexy and contains two likable characters and a unique premise. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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The third and final quickie Ménage à Music is out on the 1st March

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  1. Wow, congrats Lily - you deserve it! :)

    I'm going to have to hurry and finish what I'm reading at the moment so I can get stuck into this tasty trilogy!