Saturday 8 June 2024



New to Audible and read brilliantly by Mary Phillips, A SCANDALOUS SEDUCTION, a Regency romance packed full of illicit rendezvous and dashing dukes.

For Lady Elizabeth Burghley, the pressure to marry is mounting. It’s irritating and tiresome. Her passion is to succeed as an artist, and if she does have to marry, she wants her husband to be someone she likes.

So when she comes across a shirtless, handsome, sometimes surly, Scottish gamekeeper who has a creative side himself, she can’t help but wish fate had given him a title.

Because, oh, they are so well matched, their attraction sizzles, lust rules, he understands her and she him. His eyes sparkle with desire, and when he reaches for her, deep in the forest when they are all alone, resistance is futile, and she succumbs to his seductive ways.

But resist Lady Elizabeth should have. Because all is not as it seems, and when the truth comes out, she finds herself in new lands, with a new future to decide upon, and potentially a new husband—but does she still like him?

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