Saturday, 22 May 2021

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings! This week a few from TAKING CHARGE a spankingly sexy story set in Westminster, London with high rides and high politics!


Despite her success in the world of politics, Sheena Nichols has grown tired of spending her nights alone, and when her need for a man to take charge in the bedroom becomes too intense to ignore she seeks out a professional. But she gets much more than she bargained for...

While mastering Sheena properly is a challenge Julian Roath is more than happy to accept, he has no need for her money. When he claims her, it is purely for the pleasure of seeing her blush as she's made to kneel naked at his feet, hearing her beg as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, and feeling her writhe in ecstasy as he enjoys her body in any way he pleases.

Before she knows it, Sheena finds the strict control she's always maintained over her life slipping away as Julian shows her what it means to be thoroughly dominated. But is she truly prepared to surrender herself completely to a man who will not hesitate to take what he wants?

She was both thrilled and scared at what Julian’s imagination might be dreaming up.

“Red suits you.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, Sir.”


“That’s how you are to address me. Learn your place, sub.” He released her hands and walked behind her, trailing his fingertip over her shoulder then down her back, following the ridges of her spine.

“Yes… Sir.”

“And if you forget, you’ll be punished.”

A sudden stinging slap landed on her right buttock.

“Ouch!” She escaped by stepping forward and covering the heated pain with her hand. “What the…?”

“That’s what happens if you forget to call me Sir. You know now.” He tipped his head as though curious to see if she’d argue the point.

She clenched her jaw and stared at him. Had he really just spanked her?

“Would you like another one?”

“No… Sir.”

He smiled. “Shame, I bet your pale skin would pink up prettily with my hand prints.” He reached for the uppermost fastened button on his shirt and undid it. “Though it’s not just forgetting to call me Sir that will earn you a spanking.”

“What else, Sir?” This she needed to know.

“Orgasming without permission will also earn you a sound punishment. I am in charge of your pleasure, remember.”

No orgasms unless he said so. She could manage that, surely.

He continued to releases his shirt buttons and Sheena watched in silence as he removed it, revealing a broad, tanned chest with a sprinkle of dark body hair. He added the item of clothing to the growing pile on the chair.

Pausing for a moment, he peered into her makeup bag that was gaping open. There wasn’t much in it and he plucked out the solitary lipstick she’d applied earlier.

Holding it in front of his face, he removed the lid then rolled it halfway up.

What’s he doing?

He walked back over to her, stood close and set the tip on the rise of her right breast, clear of her bra. He slid it down her skin, leaving a blood-red trail.

He wrote the letter M, his mouth a tight line of concentration.

Sheena’s breaths were shallow.

He added an I, then an N, and finally an E.

“Read it,” he said.

“Mine. It says mine.”

“Yes, you’re my property. I’ve claimed you.” He twisted the base of the lipstick and it retreated into its casing. He reapplied the lid and put it back in her makeup bag. “How does that make you feel? To be branded as mine.”


  1. Well he has her attention for sure. I'll have to read what comes next.

  2. I'd say that's exactly what she was looking for, though I don't think she realized she wanted to be claimed until after it happened. Great snippet, Lily.