Saturday, 17 April 2021

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, here's a few from my out of this world new release ABDUCTED FOR PLEASURE! Prepare to lift off!


When life hits a dead end, it’s time to reach for the stars.

Which is exactly what’s happened to Naomi. Fed up and stuck in a rut, she finds herself magically transported to another time and place. Her feet are no longer on the ground, her body no longer her own. She’s well and truly on a breathless, intergalactic, seductive adventure.

Because her alien abductor is all about pleasure—the science of pleasure—and Naomi just happens to be the key to the future satisfaction of thousands of Earth women. But will Siren ever see her as more than a specimen, an object to be studied? Or will she convince him she’s the one he needs at his side … forever. Only time will tell. Only fate will decide.

“What ... what is it?” she asked, knotting her fingers.
“You lied.” He tilted his chin.
“I did? I mean ... I mean I didn’t.”
“Do not make it worse for yourself, especially after you have lectured me about honesty.”
“But, Siren.” She swallowed, remembering back to what she’d told him earlier and hoping she’d be known as Saint Naomi with her misleading information. “I didn’t really. I...”
His jaw tensed. “You told me that Earth men deliver oral sex to their women daily, and that, I have found out, is an untruth.”
“Well ... perhaps some men do. I’m trying to generalize.”
“You are trying to mislead me. Mislead an entire generation of Kraken men. How would it look for me to present the wrong information to the government? I would be a laughing stock. It would make a mockery of all my research.”
“You wouldn’t be a laughing stock, not just with that.”
“Sex and pleasure are things we Krakens take very seriously. I thought you would have figured that out by now.”
Naomi couldn’t find the words to argue. He was right. She had lied. She had misled him. She’d done exactly the thing she’d been lec- turing not to do. Dishonesty wouldn’t get anyone anywhere.
“So,” he said, nodding at her waist. “Take off that robe and bend over my knee.”
“You are not deaf, and you are not stupid. A spanking is well deserved.”
Damn it, her ass tingled at the very thought of tipping over his lap and feeling his hand on her butt again.
“And you did tell me, or was it another lie, that spankings should be delivered as punishments?”
“No.” She shook her head, looked down at her bare feet on the white floor. “No, that wasn’t a lie.”
“Bad behavior is rewarded with a very sore and red bottom, am I right?”
“Yes.” She closed her eyes. There was no escape. She couldn’t run. Couldn’t fight. Another sore ass was in her future, her very near future.
“So take off that robe and bend over my knee. I won’t tell you again.”
She looked up at him. His expression was brooding and serious, and that sent a new shot of nerves through her. But if she didn’t obey, her spanking would be worse. She was sure of that. Siren had proven he was an alien of his word and an alien of principle.
Slowly she released the knot on her belt. It fell free and her robe drifted open. With a shrug, she knocked it from her shoulders and let it slide slowly down her arms, the material shimmying over her body before landing on the floor.
His eyes narrowed a little more, and his tongue darted out to lick his lips. His hands balled into fists, and he shifted on the chair.
He might be mad at her, but he couldn’t help his reactions to her body, not now he knew what she felt like when he was inside her.
That thought gave her some courage and she stepped up to him, her pulse thudding in her ears.
He snatched hold of her wrist. “You are about to feel every bit of my displeasure on your ass cheeks.”
Suddenly, she was tipping forward, then landing over his thick right thigh.
As the room flipped upside down and her ass became the highest part of her body, he trapped her into position with his other strong leg.
Her arms flailed until she found the floor. Then she steadied herself, her damp hair falling along either side of her face.
“When you are tempted to mislead me again,” Siren said, running his warm hand over her trembling buttocks. “You will think of this moment, of your poor vulnerable bottom right here, ready for me to spank until it is red and sore.”
She whimpered and closed her eyes. His touch was gentle at the moment, but soon it would sting like a swarm of bees. She knew that as well as she knew day followed night. Or did it up here? She didn’t know... “Ouch!”
She jolted as the first spank landed hard and covered both but- tocks. Air rushed from her lungs, and she curled her toes. Pain bloomed instantly over her flesh.
He administered another spank, then another, each slap a stinging connection that thoroughly intended to teach her a lesson.
“Siren, oh, that hurts so much...” She gasped.
“I know it does. The redness coming already on your skin tells me that.” He rubbed her ass cheeks as if admiring his handiwork.
She blew out a breath, a strand of hair huffing up with it.
“Argh! No, Siren.” Again she lurched forward as another slap landed, but she didn’t shift far. He had her held hostage between his legs.
She could go nowhere. Light-years from home, here she was being severely spanked for her wrongs. There was nothing she could do about it but try to tolerate the punishment with some grace and dignity.
Pressing her lips together, she braced for another connection of his palm on her delicate rump.
More spanks landed, his bigger hand now covering a larger surface area with each deft swipe. Her ass was heating fast, burning up. There was nothing graceful or dignified about having her bottom glowing bright red.
Again he stopped and caressed her ass cheeks. He stroked up her cleft, her back, then returned to her ass, setting his hand firmly over her scorched bum.
“Say you are sorry,” he said somberly.
“I am sorry. Really, I am sorry,” she said, her throat clogged with unspent yelps.
“And you will not lie to me again.”
“I will not.” She took a moment to bat away tears forming on her lower lids. “I promise.”
“Good. Remember this moment while you are over my knee, during the final stages of this punishment.”
The only words that registered were final stages


  1. Ouch! She might have thought her lie just a silly prank, but I think she feels differently now.

  2. Yikes! I guess since Siren is into pleasure, rather than simply say Earth men gave oral sex daily, she should have added if they wished to please their women. That's not a lie. Right?