Saturday, 1 December 2018

COVER REVEAL - DREAMER #reverseharem #scifi #romance

Check out the hot new cover for DREAMER, book #2 in my EQUINOX series, part of the exciting shared world of PLANET ATHION. Cover by STUDIOENP.

Back Cover Information

Having a human and an alien lover was never going to be simple.

Add in the fact we’re hurtling through space at hyper-speed, responsible for both sleepers and livestock, and the heat soon increases. The pleasure is extreme, but so are the complications. And what is going on with the captain? His surly intensity is alluring, and I want to delve deeper.

But when a sleeper’s vital signs go out of whack and Equinox loses pressure, everything else has to be put on the back burner to contain the danger. How did we end up in such a precarious situation? Will we overcome the obstacles in our way as we head toward Planet Athion? We have to. There’s no going back. The only way is forward. No matter how exotic, no matter how extreme.

Pre-Order your copy of DREAMER today, and if you missed book #1 TRAVELER, grab it now! And coming soon SEDUCER also available to pre-order. All books on Kindle Unlimited.

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