Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Sexy Saturday - HIRED is FREE

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week we're all about sexy warriors and what is sexier than a warrior on ice? I'll tell you what...a FREE warrior on ice.

That's right - for a few days only you can grab HIRED - book #1 in my HOT ICE series for FREE. 

And here are a few lines from the beginning, when Brooke first meets Phoenix to whet your appetite.

“Please, climb aboard, we’re almost set for takeoff.” He gestured up the steps then took my suitcase from Clifford. 
I touched the single metal rail to aid my trip up the steps. I wasn’t as used to high heels as Giselle, but I only made contact with the rail for a second—it was piping hot and seared my palm. 
Frowning, I rubbed my hands together as I stepped into the fuselage. I glanced left and saw the pilot studying his instruments, then turned right to search out a seat. 
There were only six seats and the front five were empty. In the sixth seat at the back sat an enormous hulk of a guy dressed entirely in black. He had tousled russet brown hair that touched the base of his collar, and a square jawline dense with stubble, heaviest over his top lip. His wide mouth was pressed into a thin line, his glossy Ray-Bans directed out the small oval window and his huge arms folded tight over his chest. 
Logan Taylor made no move to acknowledge my arrival aboard the plane, not a hello, not a curious glance, not even a twitch of his head. 
I didn’t let my gaze linger. If he wasn’t the chatty, sociable sort that suited me all the better. Taking the front seat, the one nearest the door, I buckled my belt and pulled a book from my handbag. 
The copilot dragged up the steps, shut the door with a series of levers and gave me a wink. “All set?” 
“Yes,” I said with a smile. 
 “We’ll be in the air for just over an hour, it’s not far down to Mr. Gunner’s island retreat. Help yourself to refreshments once we’re up.” He nodded at a small glass-fronted fridge apparently stocked entirely with individual bottles of champagne. 
“Thank you.” 
“My pleasure.” He ducked into the tiny cockpit and closed the door. 


  1. Fun set-up! Brooke's going to have her hands full. :)

  2. Interested to see where this goes once they get up into the air ;)