Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Sexy Dilemma ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS158

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week I have not one but two menage a trois paranormal erotic romances to share with you.

And because we're talking about  sexy dilemmas, here's a perfect excerpt from BITE MARK when Beatrice is battling with her desire for both of the sexy vampires who've come to her rescue.

“Hey.” He cupped my cheek in his palm. “You’re going pale. Push whatever images are in your mind away, they won’t do you any favors and you’re safe now. With Aimery and me looking out for you, you will always be protected. No one will ever get that near to hurting you again. I promise.” 
I stared into his eyes. They were full of earnestness. He seemed to truly believe what he was saying, and more than that, I did trust in his abilities to keep me safe. Also the thought that he and Aimery were so passionate about looking after me was quite a turn-on. It made me feel precious, treasured even. 
“Yes,” I whispered. “I’ll try not to think about it anymore.” 
“Good.” He slid his hand into my hair, threading his fingers through the strands. He leaned close, so close I could smell his skin—crashing waves, salty air and early morning breeze. I could make out a tiny amount of stubble sitting over his top lip, pale blond and just catching the light from the fire. 
“Ah, Beatrice, you’re awake.” Aimery’s voice booming around the bedroom jolted me from my study of Ryle’s lips. I jerked backward, slopping tea onto the sheet. 
Ryle didn’t move, he continued to stare at my mouth as though deciding whether or not to eat me up. He kept his hand in my hair while the other took the mug and set it on the bedside table. 
“Aimery.” My heart fluttered at the sight of him. He wore a silver-gray suit with a neat, sky-blue cravat. His hair was carefully styled in the slicked-back state he usually wore it and he carried an armful of clothes. “I…I’m…” I gulped. My situation was rather incriminating. Had he arrived in the room ten seconds later I’m quite sure I would have been kissing Ryle. 
How can I be so stupid? Just when things are going so well between me and Aimery. 
“Hey, don’t look so worried,” Ryle said, urging me to look back at him. 
“But I—” 
My words were cut short. Ryle took possession of my mouth with a force that snatched my breath away. It wasn’t a soul-searching kiss, more of a soul-plundering kiss. I hardly knew which way was up and which was down, my head spun and my body felt like it was floating. 
He swept his tongue over mine. His flavor was intoxicating, fresh and minty. One taste and I wasn’t sure I would ever get enough. His breaths blew cool and fast on my cheek. He tilted his head to gain deeper entry and a pulse throbbed between my thighs. I reached for his face, letting the sheet drop to expose my breasts. His cheeks were as smooth as glass as they hollowed with each wild search of my mouth. 
“Oh yeah, fuck, yeah,” he said, pulling back and glancing down at my chest. “You’re truly delicious, Bea. And beautiful too.” 
I was panting. My thoughts were fracturing. I’d been kissed into a dazed stupor. 

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